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Men's Custom Party Nativity Scene Sweater

Men's Custom Party Nativity Scene Sweater

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Men's Custom Party Nativity Scene Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Made with 100% premiere acrylic yarn.
-Double panel construction and reinforced seams.
-Comes with 17 pieces that can be attached to any part of the sweater.
-Comes with your normal Nativity Scene pieces and also some not so normal pieces…
-Fits true to size. See size chart for additional sizing information.
The way we see it, the birth of Christ must've been a reason to turn up. How about throwing in a beer bong and a birthday cake for a build-your-own nativity scene that's sure to be a good time. Does your Jesus like to party? So does ours.

Use our next generation, state of the art micro-velco technology and wide array of fun embroidered pieces to create your very own custom nativity scene.

See how the Custom Nativity Scene Sweater works below



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