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Men's summer shorts

Out with the khaki and in with the wacky. That's our motto for your wardrobe this season. Our men's summer shorts aren't your ordinary apparel. They represent an adventure into the land of fashion imagination. Pinch yourself (but not too hard), because these designs look like they came out of some weird dream. But you're awake. And these shorts really are that surreal!
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Grand Finale Swim Trunks
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Summer Shorts

Summer always seems too short, but our summer shorts are just the right length. They are designed to let you move and breathe during the hottest days of the year. Our line includes many vibrant and eye-catching designs for men and women. You'll enjoy the contrast piping and the vented side cut of the women's shorts and the options of drawstring and button front for the men's wear. Here's a look at some great options to add to your seasonal wardrobe.

Sea creature themes are all the rage this year and we know our fish inspired designs will float your boat. Start with the Sea Pony design and its winsome, horse-faced fish. They coil all over these brightly colored blue and purple women's summer shorts, just begging for you to take them for a ride. For the guys, we've got manly Shark Whisperer apparel that tells everyone that your other jet ski is a lamniform. The Vicious Fishes design is another frightful sight, with piranha posing for their photos with gaping grins as if to say, "Fresh meat!" If you like your fishy friends a little tamer, choose The Fish Bowl summer shorts that feature a panoply of underwater dwellers floating against a tropical blue backdrop.

When it's party time, you'll enjoy some of our celebration themed summer shorts. The Boom Box is an ideal design for jamming to your favorite West Coast beach bands. Put the top down on your convertible (even if it's an imaginary one), and cruise to the oldies as you let the wind mess your hair. Or, slip into some Weekend Warrior shorts with their pink and white tribal geometry as you take the opportunity to grab all the gusto in life between Friday evening and Monday morning.

For a beach day or a vacation at a seaside resort, there's nothing better than our Castaway, Tropicana, and Pineapple designs to put you in the mood to relax. Guys, in their men's short shorts and girls can pair these shorts with a carelessly wrinkled linen top and thong sandals for a day of sight-seeing or beach combing. These quick-dry shorts can take the salt spray off the ocean or an occasional frolic in the waves without being worse for wear.

For a patriotic theme, we have men's Grand Finales summer shorts that feature red, white, and blue firecracker popsicles. They certainly give a pop to your hot patriotic bottoms--especially if you pair them with a USA themed top. For the ladies, we have yet another great American Flag design. A blue field with white stars bedazzles one side, while stripes in red and white bedecks the other. White piping gives these summer shorts a crisp American clothing feel

Finally, we have designs that remind you of a heat induced hallucination. The Unicorn shorts for women are a perfect example. They make you feel almost like you've been transported back to the eighties when people wore this type of thing without the slightest hint of irony. For the guys, the addled brain coral design on our Straight Savages swim trunks will be a permanent head scratcher. But we can tell you that they will have everyone talking!

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