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Men's The Night Before™ Moose Sweater

Men's The Night Before™ Moose Sweater

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Men's The Night Before™ Moose Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Made with 100% acrylic.
-Same sweater as seen in the motion picture "The Night Before."
Did you know that you can afford to dress like a movie star? The Night Before™ Ugly Christmas sweater is certainly well within your budget, and it will make girls actively search for other ways that you resemble Ehtan from the movie. We can’t guarantee that this top will make you irresistible to women. But we do offer a fairly strong assurance that you will have a great time out on the town with your ride or die homies. This tacky holiday sweater is made for festive frolicking. It’s casual enough for the sports bar but sporty enough to take uptown to a more swanky soiree (as long as the maître d has a sense of humor).

You may notice that this isn’t our normal raunchy reindeer design. Although the top features the usual Fair Isle knitting and garish colors, we’ve swapped out the reindeer for some powerful moose. Choosing a moose instead of the traditional caribou is kind of like supersizing your order at a fast-food restaurant. You don’t realize how much bigger it is until it ends up around your middle. Fortunately, the fit of our The Night Before™ Ugly Christmas sweater is trim and trendy, just like all our tops.
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