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Novelty christmas jumpers

Want to make any holiday party more fun? Our novelty Christmas jumpers will make it all fun and games--until someone loses a pom-pom. But seriously, these sweaters will make you the life of the party, even if you're not usually the center of attention. Good thing our products are tough enough to stand up to regular back slapping, because you're about to make some new friends!
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Novelty Christmas Jumpers

Our outrageous Christmas jumpers aren't just trendy, they are trend-setting novelty Christmas jumpers. Styles range from chic and figure skimming to grotesque--yet still oddly flattering. The lightweight but cozy acrylic knit has none of the bulk of a traditional wool jumper, but plenty of class. Sizing is another strong point in our novelty Christmas jumpers, with extra-small jumpers for the Sugar Plum Fairy physique and more robust XXL if you need to Santa-size your wardrobe. Men can choose a classic crewneck or an easy-to-layer cardigan, perfect for wearing over a T-shirt or a button-down. For the fair ladies, we've got deeply saucy V-necks, a ladies snowman jumper, and cardigans that can top a tank or camisole to reveal just the right amount of d_colletage. We've even got peekaboo jumpers with shoulder cutouts to take popular high-street fashion to the next level.

What about our famous designs? There's a reason our Tipsy Elves have crafted an entire novelty Christmas jumper collection for the holiday season with the more discerning shopper in mind. We know that you aren't satisfied with wearing an ugly jumper to the Christmas soiree. You want to wear the ugliest jumper! We're here to oblige with designs that surprise, titillate, amuse, bemuse, and potentially offend--depending on when and where you wear them. You can go for an over-decorated look complete with garish colors and embellishments that make ordinary Christmas themes into something atrocious.

Or, you can take a more sinister turn with traumatized gingerbread men, headless snowmen, or a rampaging dinosaur. Your nightmare can begin long before Christmas with novelty Christmas jumpers that celebrate such dreadful American songs as "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer." Your friends will all hate you for getting that song stuck in their heads--but they'll be laughing too hard to do anything about it. If you're a fan of the horror genre, you'll get a thrill from the suspicious gnome with an ax hidden behind his back. You know what he did last winter...

We all like a royal scandal. So, if lowbrow humor is your style we've got a few tasteless Santa jumpers that feature Father Christmas in a variety of embarrassing situations. To take things a step past the classic elf Christmas sweater, we've even got a sweater featuring Birthday Boy himself, ready to party down. Forget wearing a suit and tie. No one can turn you away from a Christmas event when you've got the child from the manger as your plus one.

For a jumper that requires a second or third look to really get the punchline, our naughty reindeer designs are the perfect option. What appears to be a boring reindeer knit image will raise eyebrows and bring a flush to the cheeks of merrymakers when a closer look reveals the truth. Our lusty caribou frolic in pairs--and even the occasional threesome. Simply put, these jumpers answer key questions like: "Where do baby reindeer come from?" "How on earth do reindeer fill the time when the sun never goes down?" and, "Does what happens in the Arctic Circle really stay in the Arctic Circle?"

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