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Pizza clothing

Who wouldn't want a slice of these amazing tees and tanks? Our pizza clothes are the at the top whether you like all the traditional toppings or a deep dish of fashion that will keep you spinning all night long. We've got patriotic pizza, Halloween costumes of the pizza persuasion, and just plain old pie with a humorous twist. Grab yours before they're all gone.
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Men's Pizza Party Tee
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Pizza Clothing

What's the deep dish on our fresh new line of pizza clothing? The designs are very cheesy--just the way you like them. It may be a bit of a circular argument, but the reason people like pizza is because pizza is likeable. In fact, the feelings we develop for this favorite American cuisine go beyond affection. We know that we can rely on this comfort food to sustain us in our time of trial when all seems lost. That is why In Crust We Trust. This gray tank top holds out the symbol of the slice like the torch held high by the Statue of Liberty. Bring us your poor, your hungry masses, longing to eat cheese. That's the kind of sentiment that brings a tear to the eye and a rumble to the belly.

When it's election season, people can't seem to stop yapping about which party you should support. Or, the fun socks you should wear.... just me? Okay fine, It's the topic that has ended a thousand friendships. Now, it is time to mend some fences by showing support for the pizza party. It's a big crusty tent indeed, and there is room for everyone. These lightweight pizza shirts can be worn with any number of toppings. Try the In Crust We Trust tank under a denim jacket, or throw a hoodie on over the Pizza Party tee. For cooler fall weather, these shirts are comfortable under a windbreaker or even a sturdy trench coat. Just be sure to leave the front of your coat undone so everyone can appreciate the pizza clothing.

Our red, white, and blue bottoms are a great match for our pizza clothing as well. From our stylish koozies to the ultra-patriotic striped trousers, you can dress up these tops as much as you like. Or, keep it casual with a pair of American flag shorts. Don't forget to grab a matching fanny pack to hold your voter registration card for your trip to the polling place and your photo ID for your trip to the pub afterward.

Throw on our Pizza Party tank top or t-shirt and be prepared to deliver a cheerful smile wherever you roam. This Old Glory themed pizza clothing serves up an entirely original take on the traditional rectangle. This circular flag reminds us that we are all connected in the circle of crust. The parmesan sprinkled across one slice touches us all. We may disagree about which toppings are best, because our men's graphic tees really are, but underneath it all we are bound together in a matrix of sauce and cheesy goodness.

Of all our patriotic tops, this is the one that we recommend wearing if you spend the evening at a bar on election night watching the results come in. No matter what the outcome, everyone can enjoy a round of beer and pizza at the end of the evening. We do need to issue a warning, this is a white fabric. Use caution when determining the hand to mouth logistics of your pizza consumption. Or, simply resolve to wear the sauce stains as a badge of honor--demonstrating that you took the time out of your busy day to eat a slice on election day.

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