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Political Party Shirt

Do you want to put a feel-good vibe back into America's political discourse? Then it's time to grab a political party shirt. After all, the word party is in the name--that's a good enough reason to make it a fashion celebration. Let's take a lighthearted look at some of our awesome political shirts for conservatives, liberals, and the ever-expanding independent segment.

First up for red-staters is the "Defender of America" top. It's a political party tee shirt for those who want someone to swoop down and save all our butts from horrors such as health care tax penalties and the not so rigorous oversight of the EPA. With its symbol of freedom (the eagle, not The Donald), we think it's one of our most impressive and funny president shirts. The American flag cape and broadswords are nice touches. Apparently, nobody told the POTUS that the sword is supposed to be wielded with two hands. But if you're The Donald, the rules are different.

How about the "America is for Winners" design? This is one of our favorite Trump tee shirts for wearing to sporting events. It clearly shows which team you're aligned with. The winning one. It's so much easier to wear this political party shirt rather than buying jerseys for both competing teams and switching back and forth depending on which team appears to be ahead.

Of course, we've got funny political shirts for the more liberal crowd as well. Ironically, most of them feature the Donald as well. He's just got some kind of weird magnetism that makes it impossible to look away. Of course, you're likely to choose our "Dump the Trump" political party T shirt. It's as subtle as the man himself. This political party tee is probably one you won't wear to the stock car races (unless you enjoy a good empty beer can throwing match). Or, it might go over pretty well. There's just no telling with a political party tee these days.

Maybe you're somewhere more central in the ideological spectrum--or way out in the independent land. If you want a political party shirt that's ambiguous, choose the "Greetings from Mount Trumpmore" design. It could be ironic or serious. That's in the eye of the beholder. What other presidential themed shirts could be taken as for or against? The "Sorry Not Sorry" design is a good choice. But our favorite political party tee shirt for those in the big middle is the "Pizza Party" design. Also, "Vote No for Mondays". Because sometimes you just need to get back to stuff we can all agree on.

Of course, any of our Americana tops can make a good political party T shirt with the addition of a sticker or button for the candidate of your choice. And that's a top you can use over and over, each election cycle. But for now, you need a political party tee that's totally current, hilarious, and designed to spark some intense conversations--as well as plenty of chuckles. Fortunately, you've found the right place. Vote for Tipsy Elves!

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