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President Shirts

What happens when you get into a political debate and you just can't win? You put on one of our president shirts featuring The Donald. Then, you point to your chest and say, "It's true because I said so and I'm the president!" Because that's what Trump would do. Actually, that probably won't end the argument, but it would be awesome if everything could be resolved so simply. One thing's for sure: our humorous political shirts will help everyone chill out and look at the funnier side of things. At the end of the day, the nation that grins together wins together. And "America is for Winners."

But seriously, it would be amazing to have Trump come to your defense in any number of situations. That's why we've made president tee shirts like "Defender of America" with the POTUS winging to the rescue astride a magnificent eagle. Presidential shirts like the "Superhero" make you rethink what it means to blur the line between good and evil. Of course, The Donald wants you to know that the T on his chest stands for both Trump and Testosterone. Because that's what it takes to run this country! Yep, these funny Trump tee shirts are almost as humorous as the real thing.

How about tongue in cheek presidential tee shirts that harken back to what might have been if things had gone down differently in 2016? The "Bill for First Lady" is a favorite in our lineup of awesome political tee shirts. We think Mr. Clinton would have been awesome at picking out new china for the White House collection of dinnerware. Because everything that guy does is somehow charming. Of course, "Chillary 2016" would have been way cooler if Mrs. Clinton actually wore those groovy shades (you can find accessories just as awesome in our sunglasses collection!)

Of course, we're not done with the Trump president shirts quite yet. We've got Mount Trumpmore for your enjoyment first. We're actually a little scared that The Donald will take this design as a suggestion to renovate the original piece of mountainside art. But replicating the signature hair style depicted on these president T shirts at mountain scale would be super difficult. It's hard to get that much detail with dynamite and jackhammers. And don't miss out on the meme-ish "Sorry, Not Sorry" Trump design in our lineup of presidential tee shirts. That one is so hashtag worthy it hurts!

If you really want a blast from the past when it comes to presidential shirts, check out our Americana wear. You'll find George Washington and Abe Lincoln in a variety of president tee shirts of questionable taste and veracity. We couldn't get George to actually pose topless on a chaise lounge for us, so we had to use our imaginations for some of these president tee shirts. We think we did a pretty good job. Check out our full line of political party clothing to find the fabulous president T shirts that will put the riot back in patriotism. So get off the fence and choose your president shirts today!

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