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President Tank Tops

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President Tank Tops

President's Day is in February, so it's probably a little too chilly for our funny president tanks that month. But from Fourth of July to Memorial Day, president tank tops give you a chance to honor the great group of guys who have taken our country through more than 200 years of history. Most you've only read about in history books, a few you've seen on TV, and some you'd like to meet in person for a beer. But there's one thing that holds true for all our patriotic tank top shirts, they are making fashion great again.

Funny president tops highlight the fact that the USA is pretty obsessed with sports. Take extreme mountain carving, for example. Mount Rushmore wouldn't exist if it wasn't for some crazy guys who enjoyed blowing stuff up in the middle of the wilderness just to prove a point. Now, you can celebrate the ultimate "Dream Team" with one of our president tanks that features George, Tom, Teddy, Abe, and Ringo. Wait, did we add one of the OTHER fabulous four to our presidential clothing somehow?

We're getting our metaphors mixed these days. Must be because we're taking a page from Washington's book and starting to Party Like a Patriot. We know you adore president tank tops that celebrate the freedom to imbibe (responsibly). This ain't no Boston Tea Party happening at the sorority house tonight. It's a straight up keg-olution. Don't worry about our president shirts getting a little damp. It all comes out in the wash. Like all our presidential shirts, you'll be proud to feature one of our founding fathers on your torso. He might not feel the same, but it's too late to complain now.

Our Bill for First Lady design is bittersweet. Not going to happen. Still one of our favorite funny president tank tops. The man has great hair, and he knows how to capture the attention of the media. That's all we really expect from a first lady, but we're sure he would have accomplished a lot more if he had the opportunity. Maybe that should be an elected position all on its own--first spouse by popular demand. Let's all wear these heartfelt president tanks and start a grassroots movement to make that a mandate.

Is it almost Independence Day again? Then it's time for you and Honest Abe to say, "Happy Birthday America" on one of our comfy president tanks. Lincoln looks less than thrilled to be wearing a party hat. But you'll be completely stoked to wear these funny president tank tops to the fireworks show. They let the breeze in without baring too much skin, and you can pair these funny patriotic tops with any of our awesome Americana apparel.

In fact, we've got red, white, and blue leggings, shorts, skirts, and much more to go with our president tank tops. Don't forget to grab a fanny pack and some extra accessories to up the PQ (patriot quotient) in your wardrobe all summer long.