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Presidential shirts

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Presidential Shirts

Do you want to look like the POTUS with the mostest? Then you can't miss out on our line of presidential shirts. The eagle has definitely landed with these funny president tees. They make great conversation starters because everyone has an opinion about politics (even if they pretend they don't). When you wear shirts with presidents on them, you'll be sure to open the floodgates of commentary. The type of conversation you might start depends on which top you choose. Here's a look at a few of our top presidential t shirts.

First up is the original himself, George Washington. But he appears on this outfit looking more sketchy than honest. In fact, on this political party shirt, he's getting ready to throw back some serious shots in the name of sweet, sweet freedom. When you wear president shirts that throw some shade on the founding fathers, be careful not to start a barroom brawl. You don't want George to scratch those expensive sunglasses.

Anthony Weiner wasn't the first politician to get into trouble over recording something he shouldn't. Nixon shows off his skills at taking the original "Dick Pic" on one of our more controversial presidential shirts. Tech heads will get totally offended at the insinuation that smartphones existed in the seventies. Tell them to chill and enjoy the smug smile on Nixon's face. These president shirts weren't meant to be accurate, just funny because they are kinda believable.

How about shirts with presidents galore? It's time to visit Mount Rushmore. That rhymes, and it's not even on purpose. That's how cool it is to see the original Dream Team back together again on one of our awesome political shirts. They may have been separated by decades in time, but this great group of guys left their mark on this land, and not just with their gigantic mugs being blasted into a mountain. They showed us what it takes to make a difference, one tee shirt at a time.

The "I want you to beer me" top is one of our most awesome humorous political tee shirts. Technically, Uncle Sam isn't a former head of state. But you'll figure out which of your friends weren't paying attention in history class when you insist that Samuel A. Statesman was the 23rd prez of the US of A. The Meowica piece is another of our "should have been president" shirts. Imagine that calm, furry paw inches away from the red telephone in the oval office. We'd all sleep better at night!

All our political shirts are great for summertime, sports games, backyard barbecues, and poolside adventures. They will make you new friends and old enemies with a single glance. But great fashion is supposed to be divisive. The only thing everyone will agree on is that these presidential shirts are not to be ignored. So give yourself the gift of being able to party like a patriot all season long with our Tipsy Elves American gear. You'll be glad you did!

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