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Tipsy Elves on Today Show

Tipsy Elves on NBC's Today Show

Anchors don ugly Christmas sweaters: Whose was the worst?

Tipsy Elves on The List

Tipsy Elves on The List

Ugly Holiday Sweaters Inspiring New Trends

Stand Up To Cancer

Tipsy Elves Partners with Stand Up To Cancer

This holiday season, look bad while you do good. Tipsy Elves will donate $2 to Stand Up To Cancer for every sweater sold on Tipsyelves.com from November 15 – December 31, 2013. Minimum guaranteed donation of $25,000 and a maximum donation of $100,000.

Tipsy Elves Bro Bible

Tipsy Elves Has The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Bros, Everyone!

Tipsy Elves reached out to us last week. They claimed to have the most visually offensive Christmas sweaters on the market. Well, hot damn, they weren't lying. Not only are their sweaters ugly, they are just the right amount of inappropriate.

Tipsy Elves Hi Consumption

Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The ridiculous Christmas sweater tradition has now made a full 180. It started earnestly enough, maybe in the late 1970s, with fashion sense-challenged moms and dads (and their forcefully-commanded kids) wearing these hideous all-wool, no-cool monstrosities around the holidays. Now?

Tipsy Elves Jumpsuit on Chive.com

Tipsy Elves Jumpsuit on Chive.com

Our Reindeer Matchmaker Jumpsuit made an appearance on The Chive as Photo #29 on "Daily Afternoon Randomness" that was posted on December 2nd, 2013.

Tipsy Elves on Rackspace

Surviving the Shark Tank Effect (In Ugly Christmas Sweaters)

"I’m not going to lie: standing in front of Mark Cuban and the other sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank is intimidating. And standing in front of them – and up to 8 million viewers – in ugly Christmas sweaters is enough to make you, well, sweat."

MTV Style

MTV Style - Holiday Sweaters! The Outrageous, The Designer, And The Super Cute

It's officially Holiday Week! As we countdown the mad rush to 2012, we're anticipating celebrations galore—from cocktail soirees to family gatherings—that don't necessarily require but would certainly benefit from festive attire.

Tipsy Elves Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter: Humorous Holiday Pulls - #1 Trend of the Day

Looking to put the fun back in that office Christmas party? Why not show up sporting one of these hip, humorous, novelty Holiday Sweaters from ultra-cool seasonal shop Tipsy Elves.

                                        Cozy Christmas Onesies

                                                                   Looking to put the fun back in that office Christmas party?

Tipsy Elves San Diego Reader

San Diego Reader: Local Company Specializes in "Ugly Christmas Sweaters"

Tipsy Elves, the brainchild of Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton, college buddies from San Diego, is set to roll out two lines of "ugly Christmas sweaters" for the 2011 holiday season.

Tipsy Elves Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood: Tipsy Elves Puts A Twist on the Christmas Sweater

An exciting cultural movement is moving out from behind closed doors, challenging the notion of "cool", redefining street attitude, and transgressing the age barrier. A little left of center, even in a world defined by "Occupy Wall St", the Tipsy Elves have started courting your grandma, and this is one badass love affair you're going to be inspired by.

Tipsy Elves in Surfline

Surfline: Team Hurley Wins "STOKES ME" At Typhoon Lagoon

To the winner go the Christmas Snuggies: Zach "Hula" Hartley and Asher Nolan from Team Hurley. Mark Pontius from Foster the People and Chris Clark from Shaper's Studios surfing on behalf of Liquid Tribe won Best Dressed.

Tipsy Elves in Transworld Business

Transworld Business: Stokes Me Campaign Raises More Than $35K During Surf Expo Industry Party.

The Stokes Me Surf Contest winners with the Best Dressed winners at Surf Expo’s Industry Party at Typhoon Lagoon.

Tipsy Elves on The Dan Patrick Show

Tipsy Elves on The Dan Patrick Show

And you can help determine the MVD for this year. Now through December 23, the Danettes will be competing to see who can raise the most money for Stand Up To Cancer all while wearing their Ugly Sweaters. The Danette who raises the most money will automatically be the front runner.

Tipsy Elves in the Netherlands!

Tipsy Elves in the Netherlands!

Hé jongens, hebben jullie het in de gaten? Nog een kleine twee weken en dan staat de Kerstman weer met arrenslee en rendieren voor de deur. Met kerst moet je er natuurlijk wel een beetje degelijk bijlopen, nogal wiedes. Nog op zoek naar inspiratie voor een paar dope kersttruien? Toevalligerwijs stuitte FHM op een paar te gekke kerstsweaters. Gebreid en wel. Zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk helemaal hot dit jaar!

Dan Patrick Show’s ‘Dannettes’ in Ugly Sweater contest to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer

Dan Patrick Show’s ‘Dannettes’ in Ugly Sweater contest to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer

The four 'Dannettes' are competing to see who can raise the most money for the cancer research fund, with the winner deciding which of his co-workers will have to wear a tacky top for an entire week.