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1. Design

While Santa is sleeping, the Tipsy Elves are working. We spend the off-season coming up with concepts and new witty design ideas. Our team of designers produce product sketches and artwork to bring these ideas to life.

2. Manufacturing

We have scoured the planet to find the very best in sweater manufacturing. Our manufacturers use premium acrylic fabric and each sweater is made using double-paneled construction. This means your Tipsy Elves sweater will be warm and is built to last.

3. Quality Control

Each sweater undergoes a 10-point quality control process by our team of elves. Sizing, stitching, seams, buttons...we check it all. You can shop confidently knowing that the sweater you order was elf-approved.

4. Packaging

Our sweaters are packaged in reusable premium Tipsy Elves-branded bags. Throw a bow on them and you've got yourself the perfect Christmas present.