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Some Customer Reviews


I have a couple of unicorn jumpsuits (why be me when I can be a unicorn??), and I must admit, this is the highest quality jumpsuit I’ve ever come across. There are two sets of pockets, and zippers everywhere. If you’re undecided as to what to go for halloween, or if you just want a comfy jumpsuit, these are where it’s at.

Melissa O.
LOVE IT!!09/23/17

Fits great, and is so comfortable! Will definitely be wearing this more than just for the 4th of July!

Sean Hutfles

Opened it and put it on as soon as I made it inside my dorm. This is incredibly comfortable and pretty warm. My roommate likes to keep the dorm at about 59 f, but after a little bit I was nice and comfy like being wrapped up in bed. The bag can be worn as an actual backpack, so you're able to use the cooler for any situation. And the bag can be unclipped from the strap and clip right into the suit.

Tiffany F.
Better than Expected03/08/18

It was my first time ordering from TE and it won't be my last. The quality is great and it looks amazing! Seriously, I was so surprised! I love it. Can't wait to wear this in the Netherlands!

Carolina B.
Best Quality "Ugly" Christmas Sweater11/21/17

Up until tipsy elves, I'd go thrifting to find an ugly Christmas sweater. Sure, tipsy elves sweaters aren't thrift store price, but they are also not thrift store quality. FAR from it. I love this sweater! It's not itchy or cheap looking. I'm just trying to figure out how many more opportunities I can find to wear it. :) Thanks tipsy elves!

Our Process

1. Design

While Santa is sleeping, the Tipsy Elves are working. We spend the off-season coming up with new concepts and witty design ideas. Our team of designers produce product sketches and artwork to bring these ideas to life. We also focus our off-season time on creating other epic designs for our Ski, St. Paddy’s Day, Pride, Patriotic, Halloween and other collections.

2. Manufacturing

We have scoured the planet to find the very best in sweater and clothing manufacturing. Our manufacturers use premium fabrics and materials to ensure Tipsy Elves quality stays top notch. We even make sure that every sweater is made using double-paneled construction. This means your Tipsy Elves sweater will be warm and is built to last.

3. Quality Control

Each one of Tipsy Elves products undergoes a 10-point quality control process by our team of elves. Sizing, stitching, seams, buttons...we check it all. You can shop confidently knowing that your product you ordered was elf-approved.

4. Packaging

Our sweaters, t-shirts and other fun products are packaged in reusable premium Tipsy Elves-branded bags. Throw a bow on them and you've got yourself the perfect Christmas present or birthday gift.