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Rose Gold Sequin Leggings

Rose Gold Sequin Leggings

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Rose Gold Sequin Leggings

Premium Quality
-Made with 85% polyester and 15% elastic.
-Soft comfortable fit.
-Machine washable.
The delicate blush of these women’s rose gold sequin leggings put them in a class of their own. While the popular metal alloy is made of gold with a red tint from the addition of copper, these sequins aren’t really metal. That would make these stretch pants much too heavy to dance in and probably put them way outside your price range. But they glitter and shimmer even brighter than the real thing—and you’ll love the way they look with our Christmas apparel.

Add a warm under layer to one of our holiday frocks, or wear them with an off-the-shoulder oversize sweater for an effortlessly glamorous look. And don’t forget all the rose gold accessories that you’ve been dying to wear. Now, you finally have the perfect outfit to wear them with. Just wait and see how much these leggings twinkle in the Christmas lights. It’s fashion magic that you deserve to enjoy this holiday!

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