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Santa's Little Helper Flask

Santa's Little Helper Flask

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Santa's Little Helper Flask

Premium Quality
-Made to hold any type of liquor you require.
-No alcohol or funnel included.
What do you get for the guy who has everything? Well, Santa Claus has just about every toy imaginable, from the latest smartphone to one of those helicopter style drones (he gets to play with all the stuff before he delivers it on Christmas Eve). So, the Tipsy Elves decided to get him something new last year: this flask that’s designed to calm Santa’s nerves when the rush hour traffic at the mall is just too much to handle.

St. Nick absolutely loved his new holiday flask, and so we’ve created replicas for you to give to your friends. Be sure to grab one for yourself as well. You never know when having one of these tiny beverage holders handy can save a weekend from being a total loss. Always remember the #1 rule, the bearer of the flask must share. But he also gets to be in charge of the remote control. It’s good to be king!



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