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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Whatever happened to sexy Halloween costumes that are truly comfortable? Well, they came right here, so you can find them all in one place. That's right, even our mermaid costumes are made so you can actually walk in them on dry land. And don't even get us started on all the ways you can mix and match the tanks and leggings, to create an outfit that's completely you.
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Baywatch Hat Quick View
Baywatch Hat
$27.95 $14.95
Black and White Striped Leggings Black and White Striped Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Black and White Striped Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Bumble Bee Leggings Bumble Bee Leggings Quick View
Bumble Bee Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Candy Corn Leggings Candy Corn Leggings Quick View
Candy Corn Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Devil Costume Dress Devil Costume Dress Quick View
Devil Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Devil Flame Leggings Devil Flame Leggings Quick View
Devil Flame Leggings
$27.95 $9.95
Donut Leggings Donut Leggings Quick View
Donut Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Egyptian Bodysuit Costume Egyptian Bodysuit Costume Quick View
Egyptian Bodysuit Costume
$64.95 $54.95
Ghost Leggings Ghost Leggings Quick View
Ghost Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Giraffe Leggings Giraffe Leggings Quick View
Giraffe Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Halloween Cat Leggings Halloween Cat Leggings Quick View
Halloween Cat Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Men's Baywatch Jacket Men's Baywatch Jacket Quick View
Men's Baywatch Jacket
$84.95 $69.95
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Quick View
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks
$39.95 $19.95
Men's Beaches Love Me Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Men's Beaches Love Me Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Men's Suns Out Guns Out Tee Quick View
Men's Suns Out Guns Out Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Mermaid Leggings Mermaid Leggings Quick View
Mermaid Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Monkey Costume Dress Monkey Costume Dress Quick View
Monkey Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Mummy Bodysuit Costume Mummy Bodysuit Costume Quick View
Mummy Bodysuit Costume
$64.95 $54.95
Mummy Leggings Mummy Leggings Quick View
Mummy Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Oktoberfest Costume Dress Oktoberfest Costume Dress Quick View
Oktoberfest Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Pineapple Costume Dress Pineapple Costume Dress Quick View
Pineapple Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Pizza Leggings Pizza Leggings Quick View
Pizza Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Shark Costume Dress Shark Costume Dress Quick View
Shark Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Skeleton Bodysuit Costume Skeleton Bodysuit Costume Quick View
Skeleton Bodysuit Costume
Skeleton Leggings Skeleton Leggings Quick View
Skeleton Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Skunk Costume Dress Skunk Costume Dress Quick View
Skunk Costume Dress
$59.95 $47.00
Spider Web Leggings Spider Web Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Spider Web Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Stitched Leggings Stitched Leggings Quick View
Stitched Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Superhero Wonder Lady Costume Superhero Wonder Lady Costume SOLD OUT Quick View
Superhero Wonder Lady Costume
$64.95 $54.95
Women's Basic Witch Tank Top Women's Basic Witch Tank Top Quick View
Women's Basic Witch Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Baywatch Tank Top Quick View
Women's Baywatch Tank Top
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Buzzed Tank Top Women's Buzzed Tank Top Quick View
Women's Buzzed Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's MEOW Cat Tank Top Women's MEOW Cat Tank Top Quick View
Women's MEOW Cat Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Skeleton Tank Top Women's Skeleton Tank Top Quick View
Women's Skeleton Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's ZOMBAE Tank Top Women's ZOMBAE Tank Top Quick View
Women's ZOMBAE Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Zombie Leggings Zombie Leggings Quick View
Zombie Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
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Sexy Halloween Costumes

It turns out, sexy Halloween costumes for women don't have to be shorter than an Alaskan summer to be completely fab. Take a gander at our tank and legging duos to find your perfect wardrobe choice for spooky seduction this fall. The modern, comfortable fit of these tops and pants will have everyone nodding in approval. Here's a peek at some of the themes you can choose for your costume this year. One might even say that it is quite an adult Halloween costume collection, and we would agree.

What is a collection of sexy Halloween costumes without some feline flair? Our Meow Halloween t-shirts will make every whisker in the room stand up and pay attention. This slinky tank top looks fetching with a tight black skirt. But you'll have more freedom to roam in our leopard print leggings. Red heels will add a pop of color and make this outfit even more sensual.

If you prefer a more complete outfit then take a gander at our hillarious Halloween costumes. They will give you the best and most comfortable costume you've ever put on.

Have you always been known as a goodie two shoes? It's time for your true colors to show through when you slip into one of our sexy Halloween costumes. Go from sweet to sinful in our Hot Damn tank and flame broiled leggings. A crimson bra strap playing peekaboo at your shoulder blade will make this costume even naughtier. Dress it up with a black leather choker and matching gloves to bring out your inner bad girl. The sky is the limit but if you need some creative ideas for costumes then you've come to the right place.

Spider veins on legs are the opposite of sexy. But spider webs? That's a different story entirely. Our orb webbed leggings make a great foundation for sexy costumes. Wear a lacy skirt over the leggings and a black top with a red hourglass. No male can resist the mix of seduction and danger! Tie your hair back with a bit of glistening cobweb and be sure your fangs don't show until you smile.

Our sexy Halloween costumes have plenty of options for ladies who like to walk on the magical side. Especially when you take a look at some of our Halloween onesies online. Be a Basic Witch in our humorous tank and then take it over the top with accessories to add even more ironic flair. Or, let everyone see the hole where your heart used to be in our Bones tank top. The matching leggings let you show a whole lot of leg bone as well. Dangling finger bone earrings and a vacant stare complete the long dead look.

For a trendy take on the zombie fad, you can't go wrong with our Brains before Beauty tank and rotten green leggings. Be prepared to spend some time artistically applying makeup to your arms, because you'll have plenty of skin showing that needs to appear properly putrefied. This outfit is perfect for wearing on a zombie run or other Halloween games that require you to be more active than the average corpse.

Of course, our sexy Halloween costumes are a little light in the pockets department. So don't forget to grab a frightful fanny pack to carry your valuables. Choose from a cheery jack-o-lantern, a stitched up pouch (that matches our themed leggings), or a skull and cross bones complete with a bony hand clutching the attached koozie. Nothing is too crazy for the Halloween costumes from Tipsy Elves.