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Kid's ski hats


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Kids Ski Hats

Does your whole family like to take to the slopes in the winter? Then you won't want to miss out on our kid's ski hats to help your whole family hit the powder in style. Sure, your children are probably better at this winter sport than you were at their age, but you still get to decide what they wear (since you're the one in charge of the credit card). Funny ski hats are definitely a must have for all the photo-worthy moments they're going to have on the snow.

What's another reason kid's ski hats be on your shopping list? Because they make great headwear for any cold environments (like the penguin section at the zoo). Your kiddos will have a blast showing off their wintery plumage to all the animals on their next field trip. Their friends on the bus will get a kick out of the patterns on these kid's snowboarding hats too, since standing out from the crowd is becoming cool again.

Maybe you're a favorite aunt or uncle tasked with deciding what to get for a bunch of nieces and nephews. You can't figure out what's age appropriate in terms of toys for that gaggle of giggling children, so make it easy on yourself by getting a grab bag of kids snowboarding hats and kids Xmas clothes. If you set the example by wearing one of these kid's snow hats yourself, they will all decide it's the rad thing to do and sport their own toboggans with pride.

Perhaps you're just trying to set up the perfect photo op to embarrass your kids with when they become teenagers. We can't officially condone that kind of unsavory behavior at Tipsy Elves, but we can help you with your evil plan. It all starts with getting some of our ugly Christmas sweaters for kids. Then, you pull one of our kids skiing hats over your child's head while you put the sweater on them so they can't see what it looks like. Finally, you take plenty of pictures before they get a chance to see themselves in the mirror. Voila! You have blackmail material that's good for at least a decade.

Of course, not all our holiday gear is silly. If you want to create a picture perfect family for your "holiday update" newsletter (that nobody reads), then you can pair our Xmas shirts for the family with some of our grown up and kids ski hats. The Fair Isle patterns are a safe choice, since they go with pretty much everything in your Christmas wardrobe. The great thing about taking portrait photos with kids snow hats on is that you don't have to worry about cowlicks.

Want to get warm winter hats for kid's who just love to get out in the snow even when it's super cold? Then don't forget to add some sweaters and other cozy winter gear to the shopping list. Our kids skiing hats are only good for keeping folks warm from the eyebrows up. But we know you'll find all the holiday apparel you need here at Tipsy Elves. Our kids ski hats are just a foreshadowing of the extraordinary memories your children will make wearing our epic gear.

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