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Lightweight ski jackets

It's not always the right time for a full head to toe ski suit. For those times when you just need a little extra protection from the wind, our lightweight ski jackets are the perfect solution. They've got all the heavy duty neon colors and outrageous retro vibe of our other ski wear, but without making you feel too bundled up.
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Lightweight Ski Jackets

Here at Tipsy Elves, we recognize that retro ski gear can be hard to find, but is undoubtedly necessary. Our neon lightweight ski jackets help you put some pizzazz in your personal appearance without appearing to try too hard. Sometimes, you just need to grab a lightweight jacket before you head out the door. But you still want to make an eye-popping fashion statement so you don't blend in with the rest of the black and gray fall/winter apparel. There's no chance at all that anyone will mistake you for a boring office drone when you slither into one of these slick pieces. Of course, bystanders may run away shielding their eyes in horror at the clash of bright neon hues on our neon lightweight ski jackets. We take no responsibility for any citations you may receive from the fashion police.

Naturally, our windbreakers (and ski sweaters) also make good outerwear for the ski slopes. The jacket itself won't improve your skiing skills even a little bit. But the grotesque mish-mash of neon hues will distract everyone from any mistakes you might make as you struggle down the slope. Plus, our neon lightweight ski jackets are good conversation pieces for those long rides back up the mountain on the ski lift. Who wouldn't want to share a gondola with someone sporting such a vivid piece of outerwear?

We recommend these jackets for all sorts of outdoor activities where high visibility and a sense of humor are required: sailing, hiking, camping, tailgating, and so forth. They are also perfect to wear to Thanksgiving dinner or a family reunion. These windbreakers are so hideous that no one will ask you to be in the family photos! Instead, you can skip merrily away to watch TV on the sofa with a cool beverage in your hand. The synthetic blend of polyester and nylon is resistant to stains, so you don't even have to worry about the lingering effects of Cheeto dust. Just toss that bad boy in the wash and see it come out clean as a whistle. If you are worried you'll spill on your favorite jeans as well, maybe a ski suit would be the best outfit for this occasion.

What is the inspiration for these hideous neon lightweight ski jackets? The Tipsy Elves actually came up with these garish designs after watching a thrilling three hour video arcade retrospective on YouTube. The blinking lights hypnotized us into an altered state of consciousness. During, this episode, a spirit that looked a bit like a bass player from a funk band with a purple mullet appeared to us and gave us a vision of these new designs, along with our designs for our neon sweaters. We had no choice but to follow the dictates of this apparition and come up with a new line of 1980s inspired apparel. This is the result.

We know you'll get a kick out of wearing these neon lightweight ski jackets even when you're not having a ski ball moment of your own. The chevrons of contrasting color and the roomy fit give you plenty of attitude as you slouch around campus or to the grocery store to replenish your stash of green apple flavored Airheads. You may also enjoy our neon ski suit for full coverage, Get used to all those stares, because the world is not ready for a return of 80s fashion on this scale!

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