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Winter hats for men


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Winter Hats For Men

What do you have to gain when you choose awesome men's winter hats? Good cheer, two warm ears, and a happy New Year. That's a lot to pack into such a small package. But at Tipsy Elves, we've got what it takes to make a holiday brighter with just a few well-made men's knitted hats. Of course, these are not just ordinary toboggans. They've got verve and allure that not many can match. We've test driven these winter hats for men around the North Pole, and can certify that they add pep to your step and a sparkle to your smile.

Seem too good to be true for such a simple fashion accessory for men? Winter hats really do have magical abilities when they are crafted in our workshop. Here are some tall tales about some of the feats we've been able to accomplish while wearing these wonderful warm hats. Don't try this at home. Just appreciate our storytelling ability from the comfort of your chair.

Sven, our best top-stitching tailor here at the workshop once wore our Snowblind hat on the sleigh ride with Santa, and the whole crew got lost. Fortunately, Ed was wearing a candy cane cap with a red pompom (one of our silly skiing hats) that guided us all back home safely. If you'll buy that, we've got some great winter hats for men that might make your own sled fly without the need for magic reindeer.

Speaking of men's skiing hats, we once saw our good friend Roberto take a ski slope headfirst through a pine forest in our Powder Hound beanie and arrive at the bottom of the hill without a scratch on him. Strangely, he lost every stitch of clothing except one of our men's winter caps. But he's used to doing the Norwegian sauna thing, so it didn't faze him a bit. That adventure didn't make our Instagram feed, but it was a pretty epic example of the value of our ski headwear. We're not saying men's winter hats can save your life on the slopes. They just make you more photo-worthy on the way down.

Then, there's the way warm hats can make elves feel like men. Winter hats of the "one-size-fits-all" variety actually aren't made for tiny elf heads, but we do enjoy dressing up in regular sized human clothes from time to time to travel into the big city for a party. In our amazing humping reindeer hats, we managed to sneak under the rope at a major night club when the bouncer was looking the other way. Kevin lost his eggnog in one of these men's winter hats after a little too much dancing, but it all came out in the wash.

We want you to have your own adventures in our men's winter caps this season. So choose from our patriotic, traditional, funny, or eye-popping winter hats for men to start a story of your own. They are stretchy, just like our ability to stretch the truth. And these men's winter hats will help you get in all the right kinds of trouble over the holidays! We can't wait to hear about it.

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