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Neon ski suits

Slip into one of our Neon Ski Suits and be a guaranteed standout on the slopes! Fellow shredders are going to have to switch in their dark lenses just to watch you carve down triple blacks. When our neon color blocking design meets high-quality, durable, and waterproof features, the result is nothing short of a bright idea!
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Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit Quick Add
Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit
Men's Blue Diamond Ski Suit Men's Blue Diamond Ski Suit Quick Add
$249.95 $199.95
Men's Blue Diamond Ski Suit
Women's Liftie Ski Suit Women's Liftie Ski Suit Quick Add
$249.95 $239.95
Women's Liftie Ski Suit
Women's Canada Ski Suit Quick Add
$249.95 $199.95
Women's Canada Ski Suit
Men's BreckenRAGE Ski Suit Men's BreckenRAGE Ski Suit Quick Add
$249.95 $179.95
Men's BreckenRAGE Ski Suit
Men's Dusk Run Ski Suit Men's Dusk Run Ski Suit SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Dusk Run Ski Suit
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Neon Ski Suits

At the Tipsy Elves workshop, we have quite a fondness for neon ski suits. After all, there's no point in skiing if you can't show off a little. For pro skiers who can do cool stunts, the neon attracts attention and ensures that there are plenty of people watching. For those with fewer skills on the slopes, at least the brightly colored apparel makes a compelling fashion statement as you stumble and slide down the hill. Our deliciously hideous neon ski suit designs make you impossible to ignore! Let's take a quick peek at some of the options for eye-popping fashion on the slopes this season.

The Carvaholic: The vivid panache of colors on these retro-fitted ski suits are almost hot enough to melt the snow. You'll glimpse all your favorite hues from the eighties including purple, hot pink, yellow, and teal. The squiggles and spirals are almost hypnotizing. Is it OK to ski under the influence of awesomeness? You be the judge.

The Powder Blaster: If you're looking for a neon ski suit with maximum visibility, this is probably the perfect choice. The ultra-shocking yellow and pink combination will light up the slopes as you demonstrate your prowess on the powder. The good thing about wearing such a vividly colored ski suit is that the trees and rocks will be able to see you coming. If they don't get out of the way and let you pass, that's their problem.

The Electric Blaze: Besides being a great ski suit description, this would also make a good name for a metal band. The contrasting panels of black and neon colors really make this apparel stand out against the snow. The random purple and teal geometric designs will make you feel like dancing in your gondola seat all the way up the mountain.

The Sunrise Shredder: After the storm, there's always a rainbow. Now, you can signal the end of the blizzard and the beginning of a phenomenal skiing season with this endearing neon rainbow ski suit. The chevron pattern adds an aerodynamic symbolism to this warm and cozy piece. It's sure to bring the sunshine of a smile to everyone around you on the slopes this winter.

Why choose neon ski suits over the more modern separates? The weak link in today's skiwear is that spot where the light ski jackets meets the pants. If you've ever fallen on the slopes (don't lie, we know you have), the worst part isn't wallowing in the snow and trying to get to your feet again. It's getting snow up your shirt or down your pants. Feeling the chilly trickle of snow slowly turning to water as it runs down your nether regions is far from pleasant. Fortunately, a one-piece ski suit protects your delicate rump from this indignity. There's no way for the snow to get in. This means you can simply brush yourself off and get back to the slopes. You don't have to deal with a soggy posterior or take a cold and damp ride back to the ski-lodge to change.

For all your Antarctica-level adventures, we recommend wearing one of the Tipsy Elves ski sweaters for men or ski sweaters for ladies to be the frigid tundra. When you finally find relief from that frigid tundra, you will unveil your other layers. Make sure these layers are just as impressive by investing in a neon ski sweater.

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