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Women's ski sweaters

When you're hurtling down a mountain at a terrifying rate of speed, the last thing you should be worried about is whether you look fabulous or not. That's why you need to dress in our women's ski sweaters before you hit the slopes. Our snowy weather gear ensures you'll always look like a fashion expert--even if you wipe out on the beginner hill.
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Ski Sweaters for Women

In any given year, there should be quite a few days when gals feel so good that it doesn't even matter if they look like a hot mess. These are the ski sweaters for women to wear on those days--when it's all about the laughter and not about being prim and proper. With the wind in your hair and the winter sun on your face, you can blaze down the slopes in a sweater that fills the hearts of those around you with glee. Our women's ski suits will cover your whole body with glee. Your devil may care attitude and self-confidence will shine as brightly as the neon yarn we used to knit these hideous tops or the aerospace-grade fibers composing the outrageous women's neon ski jackets.

The 1980s were a decade to remember (even if you weren't born yet). That's why we've memorialized that super-groovy era with our fresh and trendy line of eighties-inspired gear. There's no reason to hold back your enthusiasm for garish designs and senseless juxtapositions of neon hues. Give our patchwork ski sweater for women a whirl with some black sweatpants for fat days and tight jeans for thin ones. We guarantee that this outfit will turn heads either way. For an even more retro theme, try the sweater with black leggings and pink leg warmers. Now that's a blast from the past!

For a brilliant twist on traditional Fair Isle ski sweaters for women, reach for our snowflake-themed designs. These tops are mind blowing, sporting a rainbow of vibrant colors that bring to mind the inside of a video arcade. If you aren't into actually skiing, you can still wear this sweater down to the local arcade for a game of ski ball. You'll get high scores for your retro fashion statement, that's for certain. Be sure to use the tickets you win to get one of those crunchy candy necklaces or bracelets to match your brightly decorated top.

We've also got knitted apparel for the more serious winter athlete -- a full line of ski wear. You won't want to miss our neon ski guru in his green and blue outfit, legs splayed in an awe-inspiring freestyle aerial. Regimented rows of green Swiss dots mark the background, like snowflakes dancing in formation. Frost patterns in bright colors mark the hem, yoke, and sleeves to frame this impressive stunt for posterity. If you prefer a more old-timey look, give our Alpine skier sweater a try. This white top features a whole herd of skiers, including the carvaholic on the front who is about to do a serious butt plant if he isn't careful. They're all catching some big air together against a backdrop of pine trees and ski cabins and looking great at it too wearing ski sweaters for women.

As with all our Tipsy Elves products, these ugly designs will earn a place in your heart and your wardrobe over time. They make great holiday gifts as well, especially our men's ski sweaters. To enjoy the full benefit of our ski sweaters for women, we recommend getting some for you and for your best friends. That way, your group selfies filled with eye-piercing neon colors will have the potential to break the internet. SO shop now and buy some ski sweaters for women.

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