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St. patty's day shirts

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St. Patrick's Day Shirts

Do you know how to party on LՍ Fh_ile PՍdraig in style? By wearing some of our St. Pattys Day clothing! We don't know exactly how a religious feast day in honor of the patron saint of Ireland turned into a celebration of inebriation, but that's just how things go. The Tipsy Elves are usually the eggnog drinking type, but we'll down a green beer in honor of St. Patty. We've even gone so far as to create a line of funny graphic t-shirts for you to wear in March.

Where would funny St. Patrick's Day shirts be without melodrama and bad puns? This design is ideal for a mid-March timeframe if you got dumped just a month before on Valentine's Day (yes, that's a popular time for breakups). Your romance may not have been a great Irish tragedy like the love affair of Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan, but a broken heart is a broken heart. It's a good thing there's plenty of cheap draft beer to ease the pain.

The Can't Stop Drinking About You Shirt is available in white on green with quaint lettering and some shamrocks thrown in for better luck next time. Or, you can opt for a green shirt with white printing if you want something that doesn't show spills as much. The 50/50 polyester cotton blend is comfortable and breathable--and washes up well even after a hard day of partying.

It's not enough to wear green to prove your Irish heritage. You need to down at least one beer on March 17th to show that your veins run with emerald green Irish blood. Our St. Patrick's Day Irish I Had A Beer shirts proclaim to the world that you've done your duty. It's kind of like getting a button that says you donated blood, only much more fun because you're wearing a St. Patrick's Day Shirt.

The brilliant green version of this St. Patrick's Day shirt has a V-neck to help you stay cool while you celebrate St. Patty's Day. You can use the low neckline to illustrate how a double-shot of whiskey puts hair on your chest. We also offer this design in a raglan-sleeved St. Patrick's Day baseball tee short in case it's still windy and cool in March. The green sleeves won't be your only joy when you wear this St. Patrick's Day shirt. It's nicely accented with a mug of beer the color of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

We imagine you'll be sporting our emerald fashion statements in a St. Patrick's Day parade or a Celtic concert, getting swept away to the rhythm of the bodhran. Mix it up with some pub hopping and an Irish festival while sporting our golf knickers, and there's no telling where things might lead. There's always a good chance our St Patricks Day shirts for men or womens St Patricks Day shirts end up on the floor. One thing's for sure, you won't need to find a four leaf clover to feel lucky. All you need is the right outfit--and that's no blarney! By the way, if you run into a leprechaun while you're out partying in honor of Saint Pat, let us know. That sneaky little redheaded dude owes us twenty gold pieces.

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