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Swants and sweater pants

The look of pants with the feel of a sweater...Yes, it's swants. But these are no ordinary knit trousers. You'll find cavorting caribou, a blizzard of Fair Isle snowflake designs, and much more in our line of sweater pants. So don't sweat your holiday wardrobe. If there's a Christmas crisis, these swants are probably the answer.
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Sometimes, there just isn't a word in the English language that can capture the perfection of a completely new piece of apparel. That's the case with the Tipsy Elves sweater men's holiday pants. So, a novel new word has been coined in the men's bottoms business: Swants. It's like Brangelina and TomKat, only better. We know this is a relationship that was meant to last.

Sure, you could wear other warm, stretchy gear on your lower half. But sometimes, you need something more. Sweatpants are a little too smooth and boring on the outside with little or no texture. Plus, they tend to pill like crazy on the outside. They're fine for the gym, but you wouldn't want to wear these swants all the time. Long underwear is just not trendy. If you wear long johns outside the house, you look too much like Robert Duvall's character in Slingblade. Someone's probably going to call the cops on the creepy old guy who is wandering around in his undergarments. What about tights? Unless you're Robin Hood, this is simply a no go. Of course, we get to wear tights because we are elves. You don't. It's not fair, but that's just the way it is.

While our sweater pants are most suitable for lounging at home when it's chilly outside, they are much thicker than thermal underwear. This means you have decent coverage to wear them out and about. There's even a back pocket to hold your wallet and a drawstring at the waist so your swants don't fall down!

Unlike with sweatpants (that actually have sweat in the name), it's clear when you wear swants that you didn't just come from the gym. People won't feel the need to avoid you so they don't get a whiff of your funky smell. The texture of knitted acrylic and the multi-colored yarn makes for an interesting look. But we think it's our delightful and daring designs that really seal the deal.

Do you want a classic two-toned Fair Isle sweater you can wear on your legs? Our two snowflake options will give you a chill of pleasure. The white on blue is a natural choice if you want to be as eye-catching as possible. The black and gray option is more sedate. We imagine this is the design the military would choose if they made swants standard-issue.

Perhaps you're more of a wildlife lover. The gray and red reindeer sweater pants are the best design for you. Featuring these proud animals on your legs will make you feel as strong as a musk ox. Perhaps you could even pull a tiny sleigh full of toys behind you. Hey, everyone has their thing! Maybe want to check out our leggings -- be you!

Of course, our collection of wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of a Humping Reindeer design from our naughty line. With green, blue, black and white yarn, these are our most colorful swants sweater pants, almost as colorful as our men's colored pants and patriotic bottoms for men. But it's really the row upon row of randy reindeer that give this garment its extra Christmas spice.

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