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Thanksgiving shirts for girls

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Thanksgiving Shirts For Girl's

Do you have the fashion appetite of ten pilgrims? Our Thanksgiving shirts for girls provide a feast for the eyes without adding to your epic holiday carb count. These cute Thanksgiving tee shirts and tanks offer a buffet of design options so you can find one that appeals to your senses. But rest assured, they give a whole new meaning to the concept of good taste. With a top like this, we've made it simple to assemble a Thanksgiving outfit for girls who know what it means to be thankful for a comfortable fit that is easy on the eyes. Every girls Thanksgiving shirt in our collection is also durable enough for that game of touch football with the guys in the back yard while you wait for the cornbread dressing to finish cooking. Here are some style tips for these Thanksgiving Day shirts to make them even tastier.

The "Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty" tank is one of those Thanksgiving shirts for girls who deserve a little extra pampering. We think you should make this girls Thanksgiving shirt as fetching as possible. Wear it with a pleated skirt, textured tights, and super-cute ankle boots. You can take the helpless damsel act to the next level by insisting that the guys do the cleanup after dinner--since your fresh manicure is just not up to being exposed to dish water. Play your cards right, and this girls Thanksgiving outfit is your ticket to being queen of the remote during the football game as well.

If you are feeling less princess and more punk, then our "Feast Mode" adult Thanksgiving shirts with crossed cutlery is more your style. This is the tank to wear with your most forgiving stretchy black trousers (yoga pants count) since putting away a full plate or three is a tradition not to be trifled with. Wear your turkey stomping sneakers as part of this girls Thanksgiving outfit so you can engage in some leaf pile jumping during the pre-feast warmup period.

One of our favorite quirky Thanksgiving shirts for girls is the pilgrim themed "Never Settle" top. We've designed this Thanksgiving outfit for girls who know how to party like it's 1620. There's nothing puritanical about the way this tank fits, though. And we think it looks amazing with our shiny gold leggings. Just skip the buckle shoes and wear Thanksgiving outfits like this one with some comfy flats. That way, you're ready to move smoothly through the crowd as you cut in line to grab the last piece of pie.

Speaking of Thanksgiving shirts for women who love pie, the "Pie Till I Die" design is a theme that's pretty mouthwatering. This is a tank you might want to wear with a pair of overalls or something else with a bib if you are serious about shoveling some pastry into your pie hole. After all, this is not a Thanksgiving outfit for girls who want to end up with meringue all over their shirt. But if you do have a custard disaster, our Thanksgiving shirts for girls are wash and wear apparel that's pretty easy to clean. Put together your girls Thanksgiving outfit today and see how much it improves your feasting!

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