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Ugly cat sweaters

Cats can never be truly ugly. They are always angelic little darlings, as all feline lovers know. But these ugly cat sweaters are as close as it gets. Enjoy featuring these furry beasts on your wintertime apparel with our awesome holiday tops. You won't just be a crazy cat lady at the holiday party. You will be THE crazy cat lady.
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Ugly Cat Christmas Sweaters

Ugly cat Christmas sweaters mean different things to different people. For cat lovers, they provide an opportunity to feature a favorite companion animal in knitted form. For cat haters, it's a chance to poke fun at the feline species in a good-humored way. For those of us who don't care one way or the other, they just represent a great theme to play with for ugly sweater designs. In any case, there's no denying that these are very, very ugly cat Christmas sweaters.

Large and in Charge at the Top of the World

Did you know that there's a cat living in luxury at the North Pole? It's true. People think Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are ruling the roost at the apex of the Arctic. But it's really Santa Claws who has his mitts on the reins of power. This fat cat keeps all us Tipsy Elves in line, ruling with an iron paw. If we're not nice, those razor sharp talons come out. This Santa Claws sweater in dapper gray with red trim will make you ready for the ugly sweater catwalk, for sure.

Style Tip for Guys: The red and gray goes best with a medium wash, casual jean. Roll up the sleeves on this ugly cat Christmas sweater and tuck it in at the front while leaving it loose in the back. This "faux tuck" effect that originated with Calvin Klein will provide just the right slacker quality that says, "I'm too much of a hepcat to care about how I look."

Feeling Plugged in to the Ugly Sweater Trend?

Where do cats fall on the spectrum of conductivity? Somewhere between copper wire and a piece of dry wood. At least that's what we surmise from the reaction of the Electrocuted Cat on one of our favorite ugly cat Christmas sweaters. She really knows how to get dolled up for a holiday party. From the awkward headgear to the scintillating strings of blinkers, Miss Kitty is letting her light shine. Check the back for the punchline of this sweater--the pussycat is tapping into the energy grid in a big way. Can this one top our ugly dog sweaters?

Style Tip for Girls: This ugly ca Christmas sweater just screams to be paired with a shocking red or white skirt. Looks great with one of our ugly Christmas sweaters for kids, if you have one of them you can accessorize. Pick one in wool with plenty of static charge so you can go around zapping people at parties.

This One Is a Christmas Cat-astrophe

If you have cat allergies, this Ugly Cat Sweater with Bells will make you itch just to look at. The gentle kitty might seem innocent enough. But the giant fluffy white and silver pompoms are all that's left of the tom he just got in a fight with. That's what happens when there's only one can of Friskies moist pat_ chicken and tuna dinner left. This gray kitty had his dinner served with a garnish of holly leaves and berries to add color (and a little bite). The tiny satin bows all over the front and back of the ugly cat sweater ensure a 360 degree visual impact for one of our most over-decorated ugly Christmas cat sweaters ever.

Style Tip for Guys and Gals: Yes, this one is meant to be worn with pants as black as a moonless Christmas Eve! That color showcases lint and cat hair quite nicely.

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