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Christmas cardigans

Ugly Christmas cardigans are even better than traditional pullover sweaters. They let you look outrageous without messing up your hair, getting the sweater on and off. And that's important when you're trying to make a good impression on your date's parents. Of course, the other benefit of a cardigan, is that it also makes it easier to wear a holster to carry your flask (an accessory that comes in handy when things get awkward at the dinner table).
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Ugly Christmas Cardigans

Would Mr. Rogers roll over in his grave if he could see what the ugly Christmas cardigan trend of today has done to his favorite piece of outerwear? Maybe, maybe not. After all, he was known for appreciating silliness! The Tipsy Elves bring the same sense of childlike wonder to the season by creating a line of button up sweaters that really are over the top.

We have several styles to suit every fancy. They range from darling to daring and are sure to delight the crowd at your next ugly sweater party. The Dancing Snowmen are appropriate for all occasions. These chilly chaps are doing a pretty good imitation of Gene Kelly, singing in the snow. That's some pretty fancy footwork for characters that don't have any feet!

The Ugly Patchwork cardigan is a haunting winter scene, replete with mutilated gingerbread cookies and grotesque pom-poms. Perhaps that's not snow in the background. We think it might be nuclear fallout.

The Double-Date ugly Christmas cardigan is the most disturbing of the lot. Both front panels of the sweater feature a romantically entangled reindeer couple. But the sleeves are the finishing touch. The creepy reindeer watching in the periphery make the sweater into a Kubrick-esque "Eyes Wide Shut" scene that is haunting and strange.

The ugly Christmas cardigan is more versatile than any other sweater style in our collection. You can wear it open or closed to manage the temperature. Leave just the top or bottom button open for more ease and comfort. Since the front and back are both eye-bleach ugly, you can even take it off and tie the sweater arms around your neck like a Yuppie without losing the effect. If you spill cranberry punch all over your lap, you can tie the sweater around your waist like an apron to cover up the giant red blotch. Leave the last few buttons open and wrap a red scrunchie around the tails in the front at the waist, giving you that knotted look that shows off your navel. If you are wearing the ugly Christmas cardigan all the way open, don a hideous Christmas t-shirt underneath--preferably one in a color that doesn't match anything on the sweater.

Style tips for the guys: The cardigan calls for a more formal look than a pullover. That means no ripped up jeans or swants. Wear this style with your nicer jeans, slacks or men's colored chino pants and dress shoes. For a completely ironic twist, wear a dress shirt and ugly Christmas tie under your ugly Christmas cardigans.

Style tips for the ladies: A pleated skirt or tailored pants and heels complete the ensemble. Wear sensible pumps and baggy slacks if you are going for a full granny look. You can even complete the look with some Christmas leggings for sale. The V-neck on our women's ugly Christmas cardigans cries out to be decorated with a festive bauble. Maybe a necklace with a giant Christmas tree ornament for a pendant or a string of lights that blinks off and on? You decide. We also have plus size Christmas sweaters to make sure everyone can experience the festive joy these sweaters bring.

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