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Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Let us guess. You are trying to come up with the perfect ugly Christmas sweater idea and coming up short? Well lucky for you, we make finding the best sweaters easy. Tipsy Elves exclusively designs and manufactures its own brand of hilarious and sometimes inappropriate Christmas sweaters. Each winter, our team of designers competes to come up with the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas. The very best ones get passed to manufacturing, where they are carefully constructed for your enjoyment. With sweater names like the "Reindeer Menage A Trois Sweater" and the "Yellow Snow Sweater," you can rest assured that we've done the thinking for you so you don't have to waste your time trying to find the perfect Christmas sweater. This allows you to focus on the important stuff - like picking up some eggnog, finding a baby-sitter, and enjoying yourself one hell of an ugly Christmas sweater party. Check out the pictures above to get an idea of the best ugly Christmas sweaters out there, designed exclusively by Tipsy Elves.

Are you looking for ugly sweater ideas that really stand out from the crowd? Garish colors and overdone designs are the starting point. From there, you can branch out into novel images and even some disturbing visuals. The Tipsy Elves have been knitting until their needles smoke, making the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas into reality. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Christmas tree is a time-honored icon of the Yuletide season, making it a perfect idea for an ugly Christmas sweater. If our Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater w/ Suspenders showed up on Project Runway, Tim Gunn would declare that it’s a “whole lot of look”. The black suspenders are decorated with bright gold pom-poms, adding that extra touch of clash to your outfit. With red, green, gold, blue, black, and white all making an appearance, there’s bound to be something in your closet that matches this sweater. Of course, you could up the amperage on the ugliness if you showed up in purple pants…

Even if you live in an area with little snow, your ugly Christmas sweater can pay tribute to the bizarre pastime of stacking frozen balls of water on top of each other and pretending it’s a person. The Dancing Snowmen Cardigan is very Mister Rogers meets Miracle on 34th street. The plaid yoke on the back screams “Cowboy Christmas” and the elbow patches bring the whole piece together in a symphony of hideousness.

Our one of a kind Ugly Panel Sweater radiates just the kind of forceful cheer that makes the holidays so hard to bear. It oozes with goodwill, like a double dose of Tiny Tim. Each of the nine panels celebrates an object that reminds us why we love this season. Snowflakes drift against a vivid red backdrop while sweet golden bells adorn your neck like a noisy bowtie. The ratio of Christmas trees to presents is a little off, but who cares?

Ugly sweater ideas don’t just have to be about the excitement leading up to the big day. Our Ugly Patchwork Cardigan pays homage to what things are really like when the strings of lights go dark and all the Joy to the World is gone. Some little brat has kicked the head off the snowman in the front yard. The gingerbread men have been massacred and left in pieces all over the house. That “evergreen” tree is now faded and yellow, ready to catch fire at any moment. The candy canes are left untouched because, really, who can be bothered with that aggravating cellophane wrapper?

You can use your Tipsy Elves sweater as a base and add even more flair. Sew on some jingle bells so everyone knows to clear a path to the punch bowl. Or, safety pin some felt clothing on the snowmen so they don’t get chilly out there in the blizzard. The only limit is your imagination, so let it run wild!