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Funny christmas ties

Get tied up with holiday cheer this year! These ugly Christmas Ties are sure to lighten up the mood at any awkward family Christmas party. You'll show up looking fresher and flyer than Grandma's fruitcake, but who can blame you when you've got your Tipsy Elves tie on! Premium material, sleek design, and a laugh for the whole family (even Grandma)!
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Ugly Christmas Ties

Ugly Christmas ties are a more subtle alternative to ugly sweaters. You might not feel that it's a wise career move to show up wearing one of our naughty reindeer sweaters at work. But no boss is going to be a Grinch about a festive holiday tie. At least you're wearing one! These tacky Christmas ties are also nice to wear to holiday parties and just out and about during the day to make kids from 8 to 80 smile with delight. We've got ugly Christmas ties with great character for you to dress up your boring dress shirt.

Happy Santa Tie

Do you ever wonder how St. Nick really gets down a chimney? He doesn't miniaturize himself like Rick Moranis does to his unfortunate offspring in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!" Instead, he elongates his body and slithers down the flue headfirst like a Santa-conda. This tie captures the serpentine effect with Santa's head appended to a long, red, snow-flake flecked suit that wraps all the way around your neck in a loving embrace.

Take It All the Way: Go with the classic big and bold Windsor knot just like St. Nick would. Wear red Christmas pants and a brilliant white dress shirt with French cuffs and jingle bell cufflinks. Buff your black leather shoes to a mirror shine to complete your elegant and ugly look.

Happy Reindeer Tie

Reindeer don't get to have all the bling-bling. This plain Jane reindeer has turned himself into a glam rocker. Just check out the Christmas tree ornaments hanging from his sizeable rack on this ugly Christmas tie. Now, he's standing out in the snow, hoping Santa Claus will notice him and let him be the lead reindeer (the one who gets all the chicks). Watch out when you wear this tie. There's something about the little doorknocker style face that makes children want to grab it and pull.

Make This Look Work for You: Knot this tie with the unusual trinity knot to add an unorthodox twist that cries out for attention. Wear the Happy Reindeer tie with a navy or midnight blue button down. Green Christmas chinos and brown leather sneakers turn this into a great outfit for making a quick getaway at a boring holiday party. Throw on a Christmas beanie for more of a hipster look.

Ho Ho Ho Tie

Tacky Christmas ties that make you think of cheesy special effects from 70s movies are the best! We're sure you notice the "Star Wars" styling of the font and layout on this holiday tie. It's as if you can hear Santa exclaiming his signature chortle as he drives out of sight. Each perfectly articulated 'O' is adorned with a special Christmas ornament to make it extra ugly.

Adorn Yourself Even More: Tie this eye-catching neckpiece in a sophisticated Eldredge knot. Wear an unbuttoned dress shirt open over a black T-shirt that you've sprayed with glue and sprinkled liberally with glitter. It's Disco time at the North Pole, Baby!

Get all these ugly Christmas ties for the holidays to give as gifts to the guys that matter in your life!

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