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Ugly holiday sweaters

No Christmas party is complete these days, without at least a few brave souls, showing up in ugly holiday sweaters. One of those people might as well be you, and your sweater should definitely be from our Tipsy Elves collection. Because it's go big or go home, when it comes to wearing bizarre Xmas sweaters. Wear the tackiest!
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Ugly Holiday Sweaters

The season of winter celebration is upon us, and ugly holiday sweaters are the hottest trend around. They've been steadily gaining in popularity over the past decade, and the last few years have seen an absolute explosion in the ugly sweater department. It looks like a snow tornado swept down from the North Pole, destroying all fashion sense and personal style in its path. In the wake of this devastation, people are wandering around in a daze, asking: "Where am I, and why am I wearing a holiday sweater that's so unbelievably ugly?"

We have answers to both questions. First, you are in Tipsy Elves land where everything is upside down. Putrid is the new pretty and tacky is the new tasteful. Don't worry, you'll fit right in. This is the place to be if you are tired of getting all gussied up for another boring party at work. You want to be invited to the warmest, fuzziest event of the season--an ugly holiday sweater party. With our sweaters and women's holiday sweatshirts, you won't just be dressed for the occasion, you'll blow ugly holiday sweater wannabes out of the frozen lake! Investigate a few of our hottest designs of holiday sweaters for guys for sale below:

There's a headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow, but he's not the guy you should be worried about. It's the headless snowman in your backyard that will creep into your house at night and ruin your hardwood floors by melting into a puddle of water at dawn. Try explaining that to your home insurance carrier! This is one of the women's holiday sweater that makes you question everything.

Don't laugh at our Elf Sweater as it's one of our most popular ugly holiday sweaters. This is actually an exact replica of our work uniforms. Except for the belt. Ours aren't made out of reindeer hide and have our names inscribed on the back with a wood burning tool someone stole from Santa's workshop. You'll have to settle for a belt that's woven into the fabric. That's OK, it makes the sweater stretchy--something you'll appreciate as you scarf down your 37th cookie.

Don't worry. It's not all Christmas trees and Yule logs on ugly holiday sweaters here in the Tipsy Elves village. The Hanukkah Sweater lets you celebrate everything (or at least 3 things) that symbolize the winter holiday season for the Jewish faith. This may seem unfair when you are surrounded by all the trappings of a modern American Christmas. But if all you've got is a dreidel, spin that baby for all it's worth. Happy Hanukkah!

You'll never escape from the long arm of the Claus. The Gingerbread Nightmare holiday sweaters for guys and gals brings a delectable holiday pastry to life with shocking consequences. You know that the dude on the left is thinking, "I don't have to run faster than Santa, I just have to outrun that gingerbread man next to me..." When it's all said and done, there will be only one gingerbread man standing.

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