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Wine sweaters

What's even better than giving someone a bottle of wine for a gift? Wrapping that bottle in one of our awesome wine sweaters. These designs are hilarious and sure to make the recipient smile. Sure, it will likely be re-gifted next year, but that's just the kind of "Pay it forward" spirit we support at Tipsy Elves. Who knows, you might get the wine sweater back wrapped around an even more expensive vintage...
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Wine Sweaters

Sure, some wines need to be chilled before they are served; but the rest of the time, shouldn't they be wrapped up snugly to show how much you care? Our cozy knitted wine sweaters are a lot like our team here at Tipsy Elves. They embrace every vintage with equal passion, without discriminating. After all, there's no such thing as a "good" or "bad" wine. There's just wine you should drink early in the evening and wine that should be saved until your tongue has gone mostly numb. We love using these wine sweaters for toting bottles from one place to the next. They keep the glass from clinking (very handy when you're trying to sneak a whole case into a party). Of course, these tasteless tops aren't meant to be hidden away, but prominently displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Unlike other wine koozies that pretend to offer great coverage, ours really do. We even go above and beyond the call of duty. These miniature versions of our authentic ugly Christmas sweaters come with arms and a matching cork beanie. Now that's some seriously cute alcohol apparel! You don't even have to be a few sheets to the wind to appreciate how clever these wine sweaters are. They make you want to reach out with your fingers and give the bottle a teeny, tiny hug. And then a big fat kiss right on the mouth. Steady there--don't get carried away!

What designs should you choose? We've got plenty to offer. The Humping Reindeer wine sweater is always a hit. It's fun to watch people pick up a bottle and then freak out and almost drop it when they realize what they're touching. For that matter, the sweater featuring St. Nick has a similar effect. No one wants to get their hands near Santa's censored bits--at least not on a first date. For a more g-rated experience, the elf design is a favorite. This green koozie goes equally well with red or white. If you're gifting a darker, more robust wine, the Gingerbread Afro design is the way to go. The patchwork background and the handsome cookie with the seventies hairdo on the front make this a very stylish choice. Of course, there's always Frosty the Nose Thief if you want to spark some laughter. Choose a beverage with some real bite and a carrot-like bouquet to cover with this wine sweater.

We guarantee these teeny tops will be a hit at the next party. You can bring a bottle of wine to the host of the ugly sweater party and they'll forgive you for forgetting that they prefer red instead of white. If you are throwing a party, these make great gifts as well. For a fun drinking game, dress up all the wine bottles with these sweaters and make attendees guess the vintage. Closest guess gets to keep the sweater. If they get the answer exactly right, they get to keep the bottle too!

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