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Winter sweaters

Function, form, and fashion are all equally important when it comes to designing winter sweaters. We think we've hit the trifecta perfectly with this collection. You can go all "Team USA", neon, crazy quilt, ski lodge, Fair Isle, or crazy ugly with our lineup of amazing outerwear. Pair these tops with our leggings and chinos for even more punch.
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Winter Sweaters

Winter sweaters are a favorite wardrobe choice for good reason. Once the weather starts to cool, people start rummaging through the closet for jackets and coats. But winter sweaters are by far the most comfortable and flexible form of winter wear. Here are some reasons why:

(1) You know the sweater will stretch to fit, even when you overindulge at a holiday feast.

(2) You can layer the sweater over other tops for extra warmth if it's particularly frost outside.

(3) You can tie the sweater around your neck for an indoor option that keeps you cool.

(4) You can tie the sweater around your waist for a preppy fashion statement.

(5) You can push up the sleeves to help you handle temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

(6) You can pull the sleeves down over your hands to make "swittens" (sweater mittens).

(7) Nothing goes with a pair of men's Christmas pants like a winter sweater.

Buying clothing for other people can be tricky. However, unlike non-stretchy apparel, winter sweaters are easy to size. You can get a pretty good guestimate by standing really close to the intended recipient and eyeballing their dimensions compared to your own. That's a lot less creepy than it sounds once you learn to do it in an unobtrusive way.

When you have the right size picked out, it's just a matter of selecting the right color and design. With the Tipsy Elves collection, all of our winter sweaters are gut-wrenchingly unattractive. So your best bet is to match the sweater to the personality of the gift recipient. Here are three perfect matches for the most annoying individuals in your life.

There's always that one guy who is a total party crasher. He shows up uninvited, interjects his own opinions into a conversation that has nothing to do with him, and just generally makes a nuisance of himself. He's perfectly portrayed as the third reindeer in the Menage a Trois red reindeer sweater. The first two reindeer were getting along just fine, and then HE showed up. This sweater is a friendly hint for your overly intrusive pal to get off your back.

Is there one annoying person on your gift list who gets upset about the druidic origin of the Christmas tree? Do they go ballistic if you wish them a Happy Holiday instead of saying the more religiously specific "Merry Christmas"? Our Jesus Birthday Boy Christmas Sweater is the right Tipsy Elves sweater for the spiritual enthusiast in your life. It lets them show how serious they are about celebrating the TRUE reason for the season. You know you've made the right choice when your friend wears this sweater without even a hint of irony.

Snowman Nose Thief is the ideal winter sweater for that one person who just has to be the best at everything. This person enjoys beating little kids at checkers and can't help telling you how much money they spent on the latest 'must-have' gadget. Now, they can show everyone that they also have the biggest carrot in the bunch. This narcissist will probably end up bragging about having the most hideous Christmas sweater of all time at the next ugly sweater party--thanks to you! Maybe you should just stay home and cuddle up in some pajamas for Christmas.

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