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Women's christmas sweatshirts


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Women's Christmas Sweatshirts

It's the wardrobe dilemma that's every woman's worst nightmare: what Christmas sweater should I wear this year?! Fear not - our women's Christmas sweatshirt range will delight and offend in equal measure. If you're trying to impress the in-laws, we've got something innocent and sweet for you. If you're trying to tell it like it is, then we've definitely got something for you too.

Capture the festive glow this year with this women's Christmas light strand sequin sweater dress. It's Christmassy enough to wear to the office, but sophisticated enough for boring family events. If the thought of red and green makes you feel positively nauseous, this is the perfect alternative to traditional women's Christmas sweatshirts. Throw it on and hit those sales!

Looking for something to raise a few eyebrows? We've got everything from topical motifs to all-out timeless Christmas classics, like this women's winter whale tail sweatshirt. Nothing to see here, just Santa in a thong putting your presents under the tree. Totally normal.

In need of something a little more contemporary? Throwback to the days when a certain Ms. Kardashian supposedly “broke the internet” with her naked photos. This time around, Santa's taking her place. He might be drinking eggnog instead of champagne, but one thing's for sure: nobody's beating his booty. Our women's “break the Internet” sweatshirt will have your friends and colleagues laughing for hours, and it'll probably confuse the heck out of Grandma.

While we're on the subject of topical conversation pieces, everybody loves a good old fashioned political message at Christmas. Nothing says it better than this women's “miss me yet” sweater, featuring our very own former president adorning a Santa hat and asking the question. Throw it on and assure yourself that, no matter how badly everything is effing up, at least you look good.

Staying away from politics? We've got you covered. For every offensive Christmas joke or badly timed political debate, there's also a family Christmas card of respectable office lunch we have to attend. Dang. Fear not - you can still bring the sparkle in this sequined baby deer sweatshirt, or even this glittery reindeer pullover. There's not a red nose in sight, but it's still tasteful and even has a playful fluffy nose to grab.

Speaking of things to grab, we've got a whole selection of “tactile” women's Christmas sweatshirts to choose from, from this tacky Christmas tree design with fluffy baubles to the classic ugly Christmas cat. Every year the reindeers and the robins get all the glory, so we wanted to give some other animals the credit. This cat Christmas sweater is covered in bows and baubles which, if they don't delight your friends, will probably work wonders on curious cats.

Our latest range of Christmas sweatshirts is one of our biggest yet, from the bright and colorful to the tacky and topical. Shop yours now for a break from the norm and the chance to raise a few smiles around the office!

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