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Women's Gingerbread Jogger Sweatpants

Women's Gingerbread Jogger Sweatpants

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Women's Gingerbread Jogger Sweatpants

Premium Quality
-Made with 100% premiere acrylic yarn.
-Double panel construction and reinforced seams.
-Fits true to size. See size chart for additional sizing information.
You’re a smart cookie, so it’s obvious why you find these gingerbread ninja swants attractive. There’s just something about those masked pastries that feels delicious. Pull on these soft sweater pants with your favorite Tipsy Elves sweater for a day spent running errands. Or, toss on a t-shirt to use these swants as sleepwear on days when napping and watching TV are at the top of the to-do list. There’s no wrong time of day to look and feel this sweet!



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