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Women's Monkey Costume with Diaper Fanny Pack

Women's Monkey Costume with Diaper Fanny Pack

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Women's Monkey Costume with Diaper Fanny Pack

Premium Quality
-Please note, all of our jumpsuits are unisex and men's and women's jumpsuits have the exact same sizing.
-Made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
-Features two side pockets with zippers on the hip bones.
-Features two zippers with pullers on the main vertical zipper.
-Wash cold and tumble dry low to reduce shrinkage. Dry-cleaning is also acceptable.
Are you sick and tired of the sexy Halloween costume trend? This monkey with diaper costume turns that tired trope on its head. Now, people really do have to love you for who you are—a hairy little primate with a tendency to scream and throw things when you’re excited. When you wear this costume, you’ll find out who your friends are. The ones who are too embarrassed to be part of your monkey tribe can skedaddle. You deserve to hang with a cool crowd, where everyone goes bananas over your hilarious outfit. So, tuck your hair up under that hoodie and get ready to swing your tail to some awesome Halloween party music.



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