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Women's Skeleton Tank Top

Women's Skeleton Tank Top

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Women's Skeleton Tank Top

Premium Quality
-Made with 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, and 12% Rayon.
-Soft, comfortable fit
-Machine washable.
-Made in the USA.
Someone better put some meat on them ribs! This skeleton shirt is the low-hassle answer to your traditional women’s skeleton costume. With our Skeleton Shirt, you can go pure bones up top and all business on the bottom. Plus, this flirtier take on your traditional women’s skeleton costume allows you to be festive without hiding those less boney ass-ets of yours, if you catch our drift. This classic and timeless addition to your Halloween wardrobe is so timeless, it’s undead. You’ll want to break it out of the closet again and again, even when it gets too hot out for pumpkin spice.



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