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Men's The Night Before™ Hanukkah Sweater

Men's The Night Before™ Hanukkah Sweater

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Men's The Night Before™ Hanukkah Sweater

Premium Sweater Quality
-Made With 100% Cotton
-Same sweater as seen in the Motion Picture "The Night Before"
The Night Before™ Hanukkah sweater is the holiday apparel you’ve been waiting for. Instead of boring snowflakes, this knitted Fair Isle top is adorned all over with Star of David emblems, proudly proclaiming that you have opted out of the obsession with December as the “Christmas month.” No red, green, and white festive gear for you. It’s time to croon about having a blue Hanukkah.

We’re assuming you’ve seen this raucous holiday cinema extravaganza, but here’s the most important sub-plot in case you missed it. Three BBFs (Best Bros Forever) set out to spend one last rocking Christmas Eve together before their lives diverge. During the course of the evening, Isaac sets out to prove that horizontal stripes don’t make a person look stout and holiday sweaters don’t always need to be about Christmas. And that is how The Night Before™ Hanukkah sweater was born. We Tipsy Elves think Isaac looks pretty fine in this holiday gear layered over a rumpled button down.

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