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Bachelor Party Ideas: The Complete Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Bachelor Party


It’s happening. You’re all-in. It’s one-and-done. You’re doing the damn thing. Alright, now that we’ve gotten all of the cliches out of our system, we can focus on what really matters: the planning. Yeah, we figured that’s what you’ve been avoiding - putting off putting in the work. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of unique, extremely fun bachelor party ideas that will keep you out of trouble while keeping you as close to the fun as possible. We’re covering locations and activities matched with the right attire to boot, with a seamless planning execution guaranteed to impress your future wife to the max. 

Consider this your one-stop-shop for all things ultimate bachelor party. We’re laying out the top locations, activities, and attire grouped by seasons. First up is location and season: what’s your vibe? Are you happiest laying out in the sun, or more happy to hang out at the cabin in a snowstorm? Once you’ve got that decided, it’s time to think about the dress code. Second-most, if not of the utmost importance while searching up ideas for bachelor party, is the attire. You’ve gotta be bold, you’ve gotta be boujie - and you’ve most definitely gotta be matching. We’ve incorporated a list of products we know everyone in your group will feel badass rolling out in - except for maybe that one guy who can’t stand matching. Get him another drink, will ya? Once you’ve got your location and dress code covered, it’s time to determine what activities will best suit your group. Look good, be comfortable, and have fun - these bachelor party ideas will live up to and exceed every standard.


1. Location: Las Vegas, Nevada   
    Dress code: Tuxedo Onesies   
    Activity: TopGolf, night clubs, pool parties, etc.

Popular doesn’t always mean basic – Las Vegas has been a popular bachelor and bachelorette party destination for as long as we’ve had the modern-day bachelor party, and there’s good reason for that. It’s basically a utopia of all things fun, wild and free - offering casinos, bars, clubs, amazing eats, all-inclusive activities and beyond. It hosts never-ending bachelor party ideas, whether you’re looking for something more active and immersive or just eager for the next drink in your hand and groove in your soul. Gain the attention of all eyes on the strip and match with your group in Tuxedo Onesies, a comfortable version of what you’ll be wearing come wedding day. Head down in your onesies to TopGolf, a popular activity for bachelor parties located at the MGM grand serving as a nice break from the club scene you’ll probably be hitting at night. Book a special group event for your party and enjoy all the space has to offer, from hitting bays to swim-up bars and live music.

         2. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
             Activity: Bourbon Street
             Dress Code: Leisure Suits

Bounce on over to Bourbon street, filled with bachelor party ideas for every vibe. Find endless live music, southern cuisine and all-around nonstop fun on this iconic street in the middle of New Orleans. Don’t forget to learn some history along with your drinking - opt for a swamp tour or cast your rods at Brock’s Charter Fishing. Bonus points if you plan your visit around Mardi Gras - just prepare for some real craziness. 

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         1. Location: Lake Tahoe, California (alternates: Jackson Hole, Wyoming)
             Dress code: Snow Suits
             Activity: Skiing/Snowboarding

Grab your bros and get to the snow, where it’s so cold that drinking is socially acceptable – it warms you up, after all. Book a cabin in Lake Tahoe, California from late November to mid-April or May, where you’ll be surrounded by fresh powder to shred whether you know how or not. Everyone in the crew should sport a unique snow suit so that you’ll all look the part, no matter how long some of you spend on your backside. Even if you end up known as the flaming ski suit that spent the majority of the day at the lodge, redemption can be yours later in the evening at the nearby casinos. The best bachelor party ideas are those that cater to everyone in the group, and with your choice of snowboarding, skiing, or playing games by the fire back at the cabin, everyone in your group’s bound to be a happy camper.

Image of men wearing Men's first run snow suit


         1. Location: Joshua Tree, CA (alternates: Devil’s Fork State Park, SC)
             Dress code: Hoodie blankets
             Activity: Camping
If you’re looking for something more on the chill side of bachelor parties, camping is a great way to get everyone together. Hike by day, huddle by the fire at night - and make sure you keep plenty warm when you get your group matching hoodie blankets! Whether you’re camping out in the desert of Joshua Tree or by the lake at Devil’s Fork, it can get chilly at night! They’re the perfect attire to keep you totally warm all night long in one-size-fits-all giant bundles of warmth. 

          2. Location: Nashville, Tennessee (alt: Austin, Texas)
             Activity: Live Music, nightlife
             Dress Code: Romphims 
For the night owls and music buffs out there, Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas come out at the top of the list for bachelor party ideas. Due to the weather, the best time to visit is spring, but you can find live music and good vibes all around the downtown areas of each city all year-round. Get all eyes on you and order everyone in group a Romphim - that’s right, the male equivalent of a romper. These breezy, comfortable, one-piece outfits are the easiest way to let everyone know you’ve got a celebration happening - and you aren’t afraid to show it. Our list of bachelor party ideas wouldn’t be complete without these eye-catching onesies.

Image of a group on men wearing the havana  banana Romphim


         1. Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona (alt: Key West, Florida)
             Activity: Boating
             Dress code: Swim Trunks

Spend your weekend of space with your best guys relaxing, boating, swimming - whatever floats your (literal) boat. Enjoy your weekend (or week) in the sunshine, relaxing and recharging with your best guys. Rent a boat for a day or two to get the full experience on the water at either of these picturesque locations. Bring the party in bright, bold swim trunks with matching Hawaiian Shirts to boot! The all-way stretch of the swim trunks and flattering fit from the Hawaiian shirts guarantee you and your guys all-day comfort that moves with your all-day shenanigans. During a long day on the lake, you’ll need it.

         2. Location: Miami (alt: Palm Springs)
             Activity: Golf, beach/pool 
             Dress code: Wacky Golf Clothing

A weekend away from your number one mami calls for a trip to Miami, duh. Not only will you be surrounded by miles of beautiful beach, you’ll have endless R&R activities to fill you with beach-worthy beverages by day and nightclubs by night. After you’ve found the obligatory drink spots, book a morning of golf to get your best guys dressed up in colorful Golf Clothing to catch all the birdies and all the eyes on the course. We dare you to find a more appropriate activity for ideas for bachelor party.

Image of 3 men wearing tipsy elves golf merchandise

         3. Location: Seattle, Washington (alt: Boston, Massachusetts)
             Activity: Hiking, nature, nightlife
             Dress Code: Bachelor Party Tees

If you’re a little naughty by nature, Seattle or Boston might be the spot for your group. The best part about each of these cities is that they’ve got just as much nightlife to offer as they do nature. Both are known for their scenic hikes, perfect for sweating out any lengthy festivities from the night prior. Gear up your group in bachelor party tees, ideal for keeping you comfortable on the incline that awaits you, as well as catching the eyes of all fellow hikers. Be warned, though - the cheeky graphics and sayings might just stop your fellow hikers on their trail. Prepare for questioning.

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