image of models wearing: men's night run snow suit, women's octopus costume, miss hatter costume, and men's wizard costume

Party Themes: 47 Party Theme Ideas Your Guests Will Love


When it comes to party themes, no idea is too far-fetched. Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, work events and even bachelor and bachelorette parties require party theme ideas, and you’ll need the right decorations and most importantly the right clothing choices. We’re helping you to curate the perfect vibe with our list of the 47 most classic and most unique party themes to please every kind of guest, and what you should plan on wearing to keep your title as best-dressed.

1. 80s Theme

    Neon colors, big hairstyles and quirky accessories were iconic in the 80’s era, and these loud pieces make it one of the most fun and popular party themes to date. Let your punk phase out for one more night or show up as a jazzercise aficionado – there are tons of different iconic 80’s looks to choose from, like a throwback D.A.R.E. Jacket representing the huge anti-drug campaign launched in 1983.

    2. Pop 

      Coming up with a unique, out-there look is pretty much half of the battle for Pop stars old and new. Come dressed up as your favorite old school icon or brand new up-and-coming artist – or debut a look of your own. Put it this way: you should be able to spot a pop star by their outfits alone. 

      3. Punk

      Punk sure isn’t dead. Get those chokers, metal accessories (bonus points if they’re chunky) and leather jackets out – go hard or go home with this party theme that’ll have everyone’s hair standing up. Or at least your own hair, it’s an important part of the look! 

      4. 90s Theme

      Throw a party with a span of styles so eclectic, everyone will come dressed top-notch. The 90s were a time of denim, plaid, belly shirts, low-rise jeans and chunky shoes. If you catch yourself asking, “should i really wear this?” then the answer is absolutely yes. The more ridiculous the better. The 90s were also home to the D.A.R.E program, so snag a convenient Retro D.A.R.E. Fanny Pack if you need a final accessory. 

      5. Wonderland 

        Go all the way down the rabbit hole and host a Wonderland themed party, where guests come in colorful neon and checkered patterns reminiscent of the beloved movie or even dressed as one of the main characters themselves. No matter how wild you anticipate your party will get, don’t forget to prepare a tea station as a rest stop and host as the Mad Hatter himself. 

        6. Luau

          Luau all the livelong day at a tropical paradise themed party that basically acts as a one-way ticket to Hawaii. Think lais, grass skirts, flamingos, drink umbrellas, you name it – whatever you would want to be wearing or have next to you on your island in the sun. For the guys, an easy breezy Hawaiian shirt is the perfect attire. Go for the Island Breeze Hawaiian Shirt to stay super on-theme in this hula and palm print. 

          7. Disco Theme / 70s

            No party theme list would be complete without the Disco/70s era theme. Find your funkiest wig and wild fringe jacket and boogie on down to the function. Might we suggest going all-out with a Hippie Costume the competition could never top? Groovy, baby! 

            8. Jungle Theme

            It’s a jungle out there, especially when you’ve got an invite list like yours. Keep it low-key and arrive on theme in a Jungle Romphim or a sassy Bodycon Snake Print Dress. If you’re more into showing up as a well-respected member of the forest, dress up head-to-toe in the Tiger Costume to keep your spot in the food chain. 

            9. Favorite Cartoon

            Close your eyes and imagine you’re back in your childhood living room, sitting an inch from the television like your parents warned you about. Open your eyes. What’s the cartoon staring back at you? There it is. Now recreate the look from your favorite character on that iconic cartoon and prepare to show the party where it all started on Sunday mornings. 

            10. Letter Theme 

            The letter themed party is a current popular trend. Use the first letter of the first name of whoever is throwing the party and come dressed up as something (anything!) that starts with that same letter. It’s a word game come to life, and the possibilities are endless. 

            11. Favorite Holiday

            This one’s pretty straightforward - come dressed as your favorite holiday! Open to interpretation, come dressed the way you would on Christmas in a Men’s Jesus Christmas Sweater or a Sequin All Over Blazer like you’d wear on New Years Eve. Another route is to get creative and dress how your favorite holiday would if they were a person. There are no wrong answers.

            image of models wearing christmas outfits 

            12. Masquerade

            The great thing about masquerade parties is that even if there is a guest list, who’s to say you are who you say you are? Remain undercover with a beautiful masquerade mask in the colors and embellishments of your choosing and prepare for a night full of ballroom bliss. Hope you took a few lessons. 

            13. Red carpet

            If you’ve ever watched a red carpet event, you’ve probably come to realize that everything the celebrities wear is something you wouldn’t rock in your wildest dreams. Until now! Host a red carpet themed party and let the imaginations run wild. Cut up that old prom dress. Come in clothes six sizes too large. Strut in wearing a morph suit. There is no idea too outlandish! 

            14. Favorite Food

            How do I come dressed as every carb? We’re not sure, honestly - but coming dressed as a pepperoni pizza is a close second. You are what you eat, and a favorite food party is as great of a conversation starter as it is an appetizer. However you want to get the point across, we support you. Not able to pick just one? Show up comfortable and carb-loaded in this Fa La La Fast Food Jumpsuit

            15. Coachella

            Dressing for California’s most well-known festival is for some, the most exciting part of the weekend. It’s a time when you can wear pretty much anything (or hardly anything at all) and feel vibrant, confident, and ready for a weekend of pure fun. It’s a shame it only happens once a year, so adding a Coachella theme to your party theme ideas is a great way to bring it back a second time!  

            16. Prom

            The best party theme ideas come from celebrations that actually happen – celebrations that we wish happened more than once in a lifetime. For many of us, prom was a night of confusion, nervousness and bad breath…so whaddya say we do it again?! Just kidding, this time it’ll be different. Pull out your old prom attire or get to your local goodwill and have a chance to do the highly anticipated night all over again.  

            17. Ski Theme

            Summer birthdays don’t always have more fun. Winter themed birthdays call for comfortable, cozy themes, and a ski themed party is the perfect theme for a cold weather celebration. Rent a cabin and go all-out or decorate your kitchen as your favorite ski lodge! Arrive dressed in a high-quality ski suit that you can wear comfortably around your cabin-themed party and also get use out of time and time again on real future snow trips! A favorite of ours is the Men’s Night Run Ski Suit.

            image of men wearing tipsy elves ski suits

            18. Seltzer Theme

            Love them or hate them, seltzers have completely taken over the booze game at every party and in every grocery store. You’ve most definitely had a conversation (or a heated debate) deliberating over which hard seltzer reins supreme. They’ve taken over such a huge part of our party scene, why not base your party off of the fizzy beverages? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. If you're personally a fan of one of the OG seltzers, rock this Cherry Seltzer Costume to show them who’s team you’re on.

            image of model wearing seltzer bodysuit 

            19. Rainbow

            Somewhere, over the rainbow…a party is happening. That’s right - and yours is all the colors of that rainbow! This one’s pretty self explanatory and ensures that all of your guests arrive in the most red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple they can find. Turn on the good vibes before you even arrive and throw on the Women’s Rainbow Jumpsuit or a Men’s Rainbow Romphim.

            image of couple wearing matching rainbow jumpsuit

            20. Tacky/Trashy

            Yep, it’s time to un-retire that old shirt that you kept around just for sentimental value. All are welcome at the tacky and trashy party, where you can wear just about any mix of crazy statement pieces or torn up tees you can find. We recommend shopping at home for this one; the dust under your bed might be hiding your golden accessory. 

            21. Fairytale

            This party theme idea can be one specific fairytale, or open to any fairytale that’s ever been told – it’s all up to the host. Come dressed as your favorite princess, sidekick, villain or prince charming for a magical evening full of fantasy. Leaning towards the dark side? We hear the Evil Queen Costume guarantees you a night full of bobbing for apples. 

            22. Neon

            If you need a party theme for someone bold and bright, not many other party themes would be more fitting than a Neon theme. Go for a full look of the brightest shade of your favorite color or have a DIY paint sesh to create a splatter look.

            Image of model wearing dare fanny pack and yellow iridescent sun visor hat 

            23. Black out

            Taking the neon theme one step further is a black out party, where you can expect your neon to come to life in the neon-enhancing lighting space. Rent a space with black lights, wear your best neon, and bring glow sticks as party favors for a (literal) super lit night. 

            24. Slumber Party

            Whether you’ll actually be throwing a real slumber party or not, this party theme idea will always be a staple. There’s nothing that says friends more than not wanting to part for even a short eight hours, and sleepover parties are the perfect solution! Have your guests wear their best (or worst) pajamas and host a chill movie night to sleepover, or host a typical Saturday night party with an ultra-casual twist. Want to be the most comfortable one at the party? There’s no topping a Lumberjack Hoodie Blanket

            25. Scary movie characters

            You love them, you hate them, you dream about them – and you definitely have one that always comes to mind. It’s time to pull them out from your most inner closet (OMG - I knew they were hiding in there) and fully embrace your deepest fears. Find an old Hockey Mask or Sharply Fingered Glove and step out as the horror movie character you secretly kind of have a thing for. 

            Image of model wearing werewolf costume

            26. Glamping

            Camping? Eh. Glam? Sure. Glamping? Tell us more. Throw a glamping party for your closest friends with all of the basic comforts of camping like s’mores and fire roasted hot dogs, but with all of the perks of modern day living…like bathrooms, mostly. Pitch a tent in your backyard and prepare a scary story or two to tell in your most expensive robe. Keep warm in full-glam in the Powder Pink Snow Suit or put the -amp in glamping when you rock the Deep Blue Fleece Hoodie.

            image of models wearing lumberjack blanket hoodie and Beary Christmas blanket hoodie

            27. Murder Mystery

            Whodunit? It’s about time you reveal your true friends and throw a murder mystery party complete with fake cigar party favors to boot. Keep it simple with a pre-determined plot for the evening with this Host Your Own Murder Mystery Game and encourage guests to dress up as if they were headed to a classy night at the theatre some odd years ago.

            28. Superhero 

            The city needs you! But not tonight. They just need your cool outfit. Show up as your favorite childhood superhero with this party theme that never goes out of style. Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman – come to think of it, we’ve never seen any of them in the same room together. Maybe we’re on to something. Show up ready for action in the Superhero Wonder Lady Costume.

            image of model wearing superhero wonder lady costume

            29. Circus

            In many ways, throwing your own party can turn out to be its own circus. Remain in control in the face of even the riskiest acts in Lion tamer Costume and watch as the most famous acts walk through the door. Guests may include the tightrope walker, the trapeze artist, and of course – The Lion.

            30. Around the world

            Get around the world in a single day. This is a great party theme idea to get everyone in your group involved, especially if you all live nearby! Have everyone decorate their house in honor of a different country of their choosing, grab a few party favors and cook up some of their delicious cuisine. Each house will dress up according to their own place of choosing, and then the entire group will hop locations after about an hour or so in each country. Epcot, who?

            31. Karaoke

            Bring your best earplugs – uhh, we mean voice - to a karaoke party with all of your best people. Rent a booth or head to your local bar to sign up early on their list and prepare to sing out your entire work week through overplayed throwback hits. Dress as your favorite singer or from an iconic music era, it’s all about the ears for this one.

            image of models wearing ugly christmas sweaters

            32. Astrology 

            Honestly, an astrology party is SUCH an Aries move. Study the characteristics of your sign and arrive at the party dressed accordingly – more introverted Cancers will go for identity hiding baseball hats, and fiery Leos will come dressed to the nines. Bonus activity: prepare a game of ‘Guess That Sign’ for a proper group bonding activity.

            33. Wild, wild west

            This town ain’t big enough for the two of us. It’s big enough for 25 of us! Bring your best Cowboy Hat and unshakeable attitude to this unpredictable party that’s going down right in your own Saloon. Take slow, steady steps around this party to show everyone who’s in charge – we can hear the spurs now.

            34. Spy Theme

            Sneak into the party in the least obvious way you can think of in line with a Spy theme. Dress as iconic James Bond or create your own look in a long trench coat and keep your opinions to yourself. May the best spy win.

            35. Anything but clothes

            Anything but clothes parties, also known as ABC parties, are just as they sound:you can wear anything to the function that covers you up, as long as it isn’t actually an article of clothing. Think newspapers, pillowcases, cereal boxes, flowers, dishware…there are no wrong answers. Except your favorite tee shirt. Don’t wear that.

            image of model wearing women's hand sanitizer costume

            36. Dress like someone else at the party

            For obvious reasons, this party theme idea is a crown favorite! Draw names at random a few weeks prior or agree to come dressed as your best pal or significant other. There’s even the option of a free-for-all, where every friend keeps their person a secret. This option makes for the hilarious possibility of everyone coming dressed as the same charismatic friend in the group – because how could you pass them up?!

            37. Poker 

            Keep your poker face on and host an unforgettable game night. Even if the bets are fake, the subtle looks are not, and tonight is all about reading the room. Keep your shades on and fake it til’ you make it a royal flush of a night. 

            38. Country theme

            Yeeee-haw! Giddy up and throw a country themed party, where plaid, cowboy boots and cowboy hats aren’t just permitted - they’re required. Chill in the back yard with a few light beers and solo cups filled with whatever you’ve got around. Hope you’ve got enough hay bails to give seats to your country lovin’ crew – grab a few American Flag Drink Holder party favors to really sell the night’s vision.  

            39. Athleisure Wear

            Your guest list will thank you when you throw an athleisure wear party, a recent popular trend for a good reason. Athleisure wear is comfortable, flattering and keeps you looking good enough to wear anywhere even outside of the gym – and we’re taking it a step further as a party dress code.

            Image of model wearing on the daylight fleece hoodie

            40. Craft Beer 

            Craft beer has taken the world by storm, and while we can’t go to a brewery every day of our lives, we can make up for that sad tidbit by throwing a craft beer party for our closest friends. This is really an excuse to drink more of what we love, but we recommend instructing guests to create a character and come dressed as a beer connoisseur. We think you’ll like what you end up with. 

            41. BBQ

            We put this one on our list of party themes, but it’s mainly for the menu. Fire up the grill and come dressed as they do in the Lone Star State – or just borrow your dad's best grillin’ apron and spatula. Come hungry and chow down on some savory ribs and dogs!

            image of models wearing USA gear 

            42. Under the Sea

            Did you know that 90% of the ocean is undiscovered? Unfortunately, that’s a whole lot of other costume ideas we don’t even know about yet. The good news is, the deep blue sea is filled with amazing creatures that we can pretend to be for just a little while. Live out your fantasies in the Mermaid Costume Dress or reign one of the smartest in the sea in the Octopus Costume

            43. Fantasy

            As the name suggests, this theme can be done in any way you like best – and that’s what makes it a true fantasy. Go classic and dress up in a Unicorn Costume or arrive with a few tricks up your sleeve in the Wizard Costume. Whatever your fantasy, prepare for an evening full of surprises from every realm of possibility.

            image of models wearing men's dragon costume and women's unicorn costume 

            44. Dress Like You Did in High School

            This party theme idea is one part embarrassing to one part surprisingly connecting. Bong with the rest of the party in the questionable mess that was your middle school wardrobe with a theme of dressing like you did in middle school. Don’t sweat it, nobody looked good – this is an even playing field. 

            45. Toga Party

            Look, it’s basically an old-school robe. A toga party is one of the most comfortable party theme ideas you can come by, and they can be just as flattering to boot. Make a DIY toga from an old pillowcase or head to your local thrift store for some materials and get crafty with it! 

            46. Denim on Denim

            Move over, Britney Spears and Justin Timerlake, there’s a new fashion icon in town. One of the most laughed at fashion faux pas in pop culture makes for a hilarious party theme! Invite your guests to fill your space with jeans on jean jackets on jean shoes on jean baseball caps, because tonight they can. Bonus points if every article has the same color wash.

            47. Video Game Characters

            Choose your character! You’ve played enough games to know their stats, whether you’re a Call of Duty aficionado or a Mario Kart loyalist. Choose your favorite character from every game from over the years and do them proud by going all-out for the party. Dress up in this Super Plumber Costume so that if they ask if you’re dressed as the iconic you-know-who, you can stay super modest.

            image of models wearing super plumber costume

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