32 White Elephant Gifts People Will Fight Over!

32 White Elephant Gifts People Will Fight Over!


          For many, the most anticipated part of the holiday season isn’t the gifts they’re about to receive, but the surprise felt when uncovering the mystery of the cheerfully covered wrapping paper. Exchanging gifts in the traditional sense is always nice - you know what to expect because you know what’s on your list, but the feeling of not knowing what you’re about to uncover can be half of the fun. That’s why switching it up and exchanging white elephant gifts is such a fun way to get together during the holidays - the expectations are low, and the surprises are high! We’ve compiled a list of White Elephant Gift ideas for your next get together or holiday party, complete with family friendly good white elephant gifts to a tad more risqué funny white elephant gifts.


1) Burrito Blanket -This one makes first on our list because let’s be honest - who in your party wouldn’t want to be as comfortable as the insides of their favorite burrito? It’s the ideal way to keep things warm, no matter what filling you are. This super soft fleece blanket will disguise any wearer, and the realistic circular shape is sure to trick any house guest. What? In California, this is sometimes true to size.


2) Banana-Saving Hats It’s tough to eat healthy with all the sweets around during the holidays. It’s no wonder all your bananas have been ignored and gone bad recently, and we don’t blame you. There’s a good chance somebody else at your white elephant gift exchange will feel the same, which is what makes these one of the perfect white elephant gift ideas! These adorable hats fit perfectly on any bundle of bananas prolonging their shelf life. Not to mention, they give them a bit of personality. You’re way less likely to ignore a banana with a cute little face staring at you - we’re positive.

uncommon goods

                                   uncommon goods

3) Santa 3D Ornament He’s making a list, checking it twice…and the guy is so dang busy, he forgot to put on some pants. Add this to the pile of white elephant gifts to perfectly capture the scatterbrained nature of Santa during this time of year, and cut the poor guy some slack. Hang his hanging hat on your tree and let it serve as a constant reminder that you should be thankful for any gift, coal and all. Wait…is he winking? We don’t know what to believe anymore.

4) Beary Stuck Assembled Bear For the more sentimental white elephant gift exchange participants, the Beary Stuck Assembled Bear will be their go-to steal. Instantly remind yourself of your first childhood Build-A-Bear experience with this adorable classic bear fully dressed in casual jeans, sneakers and an image of his idea of Santa Claus struggling to make a delivery. They can even complete the look and match their bear completely in the Beary Stuck Sweater!

5) Men’s Horny Boxers and Socks Set - If you’re looking for funny white elephant gifts, look no further. The Men’s Horny Boxers and Socks set is all your lucky receiver will need to get the point across - that their holiday spirit is in full-force, that is! Be one with the reindeer in super comfortable boxers and stretchy socks to get you through the holidays. Discreetly packaged in a tin box, it’s okay if you forgot what you wrapped this guy in - there’s still time to get the kids out of the room.

Review: Best stocking stuffer for my BF. My whole family got a kick out of the gift, who doesn't love a little humor on christmas morning? My BF said they were probable the most comfortable boxers he's ever worn and is going back to order others, so I'd say it is a success! Also the socks, always a win! -Sophia G.

 6) Taco Booties - Lets give ‘em something to taco ‘bout at the white elephant gift exchange. These Taco Booties will leave the lucky opener confused for a moment, followed by intense joy when they realize these plush booties only look just like their favorite taco - they can safely step in these all around the house without a crunch to be heard.

Taco Booties

                                   uncommon goods 

7) Flashing Light Necklace - Quick! Distract your audience! With the flashing light necklace, your lucky receiver will be both the life of the party and the distraction of the party. With the on/off switch included, you decide when you need a quick conversation piece or distraction. Their eyes are up there, but there’s something hypnotic about these bulbs. Bring the festive to the function in one of the best white elephant gifts you can find!

          Flashing light necklace

Review: Great stocking stuffers! Everyone loved the necklace, even the guys! -Tamra G.

8) Bob Ross Chia Pet - If we could paint the perfect picture of your white elephant gift exchange - well, we can’t. Bob Ross sure could, though. Give the gift of growth and positivity with this Bob Ross Chia Pet, sure to spark a little joy in anyone who opens! Watch as Ross’ hair grows fully green and lush in just 1-2 weeks' time. We’re as green as the foliage with envy.

 9) Spin the Shot Game - If opening your white elephant gifts is all you have planned for the evening, you’re in luck! Your new favorite attendee brought the spin the shot game for a lucky contender to open. This game is easier than the exchange itself - just pour a little booze, flick the attached arrow, and viola! Your victim has been selected. Darn!

10) Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer - Though self-explanatory, this one’s pretty dang exciting. Anyone who’s ever cooked a day in their life dreads the inevitable instruction on the back of every sauce or pasta package: stir frequently. If only our dishes weren’t so needy, we could take a quick shower while they got nice and hot. This automatic pan stirrer with included timer makes that dream a reality!

Automatic Pan Stirrer

                                   uncommon goods

11) Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette - Can’t handle the heat? Stay off the roulette table. Any good gambler knows that every bet is a gamble, and the stakes just got higher with this hot sauce roulette. Or should we stay, the steaks? Grab everyone a little piece of bread or a chip and spin the wheel to find out if your next fate is mild, medium or hot.


Review: Perfect for white elephant! Stolen Twice!! Review Solid white elephant gift. Coworkers got a kick out of it. -Julie K.

12) Secret Sunscreen Flask - Practical, reusable and good for you - that’s what the best white elephant gifts are all about. This sunscreen flask is sure to give you a stress-free day in the sun, and there’s nothing healthier than that. Gone are the days of extremely high priced beach bar cocktails - because you remembered your sunscreen. Simply pour your favorite beverage into the bottle in the safety of your own home, and hit the town.

Secret Sunscreen Flask

13) How to Speak Cat Cards - Meow meow, meow meow meow meow. Ya know what I mean? That means, your white elephant gift exchange is coming up in cat speak. We know, because we did our studying. Now it’s somebody’s lucky turn with the How to Speak Cat Cards! Anybody with a feline friend knows how difficult they are to read, and now they don’t have to guess! I mean…do we always want to know, anyway?

How to speak cat

                                   uncommon goods

14) Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner  - Discover the daredevils in your group with these super unique science-based experiment cards. Unwrap 21 daredevil tricks complete with items needed and degree of danger to entertain yourself and your guests. It’s team bonding at it’s finest, and a newly-weds nightmare. As far as good white elephant gifts go, this one’s more on the bad-boy side.

Dangerous Experiment

                                   uncommon goods

15) Light Saber Chopsticks - Honestly, sometimes dinner feels like a battle. You have to cook it, then clean it, then put everything away?! Who’s side are we on? Especially when you’re using chopsticks - then it’s even harder to consume. Put a fun twist on your sushi or noodles with the Light Saber Chopsticks! Wrap up a pair of these bad boys in red or blue and hope whoever opens is also in your empire. If not, not to worry - jedi or sith will happily steal. 

Red Light Saber Chopsticks

Review: This is the perfect gift for the Starwars fan, big and small. Great quality and detail. -Anastasia L.

16) Men’s Santa Unicorn Reef Slippers - The best white elephant gifts are the ones that keep you the coziest. Slippers are arguably the best way to do so - and when they display a mystical unicorn carrying the euclid Santa Claus, there’s just nothing better, period. These cushy REEF slippers will carry you to your wildest destinations via ultimate comfort, which we hear is the closest thing to a ride on a unicorn.


Review: Amazing! We loved these slippers, going for the matching sweater! -Jordan H.

17) Glow in the Dark Playing Cards - Worried about the amount of guests you’re having over? Gift these at your white elephant gift exchange, and you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill. Shut off all the lights after a lucky winner unwraps these glow in the dark playing cards, and get ready for the most competitive round of go-fish you’ve ever been a part of. Especially if somebody just stole someone’s favorite gift.


18) W&P Personal Popper - Pop your way into the party and wrap the W&P Personal Popper, knowing that anybody who rips open the wrapping will be ready to go home and whip themselves up the perfect bowl of popcorn. This collapsible silicone bowl is ready for 5 tbsp of kernels and the seasoning of your choice - just toss it in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re ready to rock! …Or sit on the couch, rather.

W&P Microwave Silicone Popcorn Popper Maker


19) Buzzed Game - Yet another way to get your white elephant party poppin’ - the Buzzed Game. Named for what it does best, players will draw cards instructing themselves or others to take sips of the beverage they already have handy. Some cards reveal more than others - and that’s what makes it one of the best white elephant gifts.

Buzzed game

20) Spider Box Prank - For this little number, you’ve got to know your audience. Or not - but be prepared for the consequences. The name may be straightforward, but the box isn’t. The lucky recipient will open their white elephant gift to find a wooden box, which opens to none other than a fake jumping spider surprising them. We recommend not owning up to wrapping this one, but to each their own!

Spider box prank

21) Bath Wine Holder - Self explanatory, and will be stolen beyond belief. This gift gives peak relaxation, providing a suction cup silicone glass holder for your next shower or me time. No adhesives or wall mounts are needed - just you, your favorite red blend, and a tub to yourself

30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower


22) Deck the Balls Set - Chances are, somebody in the group needs a good clean - or they’ll know somebody else that does. What may seem like one of the funny white elephant gifts may just be one of the most practical. Wrap up the Deck the Balls Set to indirectly give someone help with the bath you know they need, complete with four different scents. Rub-a-dub-dub!

Deck the balls set

23) Chia Pet - Star Wars the Child - Expert gardener, you will become. Even Baby Yoda knows the importance of caring for your plants, and he’ll remind you every day as you see his planter become filled with luscious green leaves. Your plant may grow, while baby yoda stays the same - adorable and decorative.


 24) Blue Reindeer Slipper Socks - Good white elephant gifts are agreeable - and slippers are one of winter’s most agreed upon items. There’s nothing quite like changing out of your huge boots after work and slipping into something to keep you warm and fuzzy. Add these Blue Reindeer Slipper Socks to the pile and watch the lucky opener light up.

Blue Reindeer Slipper

25) Blue Reindeer Blanket Hoodie - Keeping in theme with the warm and cozy, gifting a blanket hoodie is one of the best white elephant gift ideas you can have. They’re one size, a large, comfortable fit, and insanely warm. This blue reindeer print is perfect to bring anywhere you’ll need some extra warmth - which is most places during the holiday season!

Blue Reindeer Blanket Hoodie

Review: I live in this sweater nearly every night! It's like having a big cozy blanket on! Also the pockets are really nice and big and well placed. -Jazmine L.

26) Emotional Support Chicken - Ever heard of it? Neither has anyone else in your group - but somebody is going to be glad they have now. Squeeze, stretch and love this rubber chicken all you want, it’s never going to stop loving you. The squawk you hear when you squeeze it is all anyone needs on a tough day - it says I hear you, and I’m here for you. The bright red vest lets everyone know that it has been trained to be your companion, so you don’t have to worry about questioning in public areas, of course!

Emotional Support Chicken

                                   off the wagon

27) Dashboard Jesus - There’s always somebody in the group that needs to be reminded to be on their best behavior. Make sure they get this one - the Dashboard Jesus will serve as a reminder that even those that cut you off don’t deserve to hear the words going through your head. His presence isn’t full-proof, but it’s worth a shot. Dashboard Jesus, take the wheel.

Dashboard Jesus

Review: Fun Product and great reminder to smile in the car! -Patrick W. 

28) Tacosaurus Rex - Tacos seem to be a common theme in the best white elephant gift ideas, and that’s likely because tacos are among some of the best ideas, period. Hold on to your tortillas and set them atop this prehistoric pal that gives ground beef new meaning. Your taco isn’t going anywhere but your mouth - this guy works for you.

Tacosaurus Rex

 29) Giant Celebration Flute - Just one glass! We’re celebrating! Wrap up this giant celebration flute and bring tears of joy to any openers’ eyes - it’s the excuse they’ve been waiting for. When they tell themselves it’s been a rough day and they just need a glass of champagne, they won’t be lying to themselves. It keeps ‘em honest and keeps ‘em happy.

Giant Flute

30) Cat Butt Magnets  - Your to-do lists are just a big pain in the butt anyway - these magnets just make said chores cute. Wrap up these cute little feline butts and give your white elephant receiver a chuckle with a dash of reality. It’s a cute reality, no butts about it!

Cat Butt Magnets

31) Bag of Unicorn Farts  - If there were a winner for white elephant gift ideas, your trophy would be in the bag. The Bag of Unicorn Farts, that is - where you can grant one lucky participant the gift of sweet, sweet flatulence. Just kidding - it’s actually delicious cotton candy. Prepare for ultimate unwrapping confusion turned extreme joy.

Bag Of Unicorn Farts

 32) Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game - Of all of the white elephant gift ideas, we may have saved the best for last. Putt-putt from everyone’s most-used pot with this toilet-friendly golf game! Gone are the days of scrolling through Twitter or worse, reading shampoo bottles. WHoever opens this one is going to be so stoked, they might just smile through the social shame of bringing it to the bathroom with them during the party. Hey - they’ve got a golf swing to improve.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game



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