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Women's Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Most of the time, when you go clothes shopping you have a love/hate relationship with the mirror. There’s never anything that seems to distract from your “problem areas” in just the right way. But with women’s ugly Christmas sweaters, no one will even notice a few extra holiday pounds. They’ll be too busy staring in wonder at how such a beautiful gal could wear such a hideous Christmas sweater. Our ugly Christmas sweaters for women are guaranteed to make you look stunning by comparison. Here’s a small sampling for your enjoyment.

If you were an old-fashioned schoolmarm running a one-room school house on the prairie, this might be your favorite Christmas sweater. It’s certainly one of ours. The trees and wreaths practically give us cedar allergies just from looking at them. Fortunately, we had the good sense to put the small twin wreaths on the back instead of the chest so they don’t look like Yuletide pasties. After all, we do have some taste!

Are you a natural empath? Do you always see things from all points of view? Then perhaps you’ve always felt sorry for the poor Christmas cookies that await their fate on a plate by the fireplace every Christmas Eve. Show your support for the SPCGM (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Gingerbread Men) with this sweater.

Are you tired of guys who are all snowball and no carrot? Breeze past them with a chilly glare while sporting this hilarious sweater. If you want to be particularly mean, take the tiniest baby carrot you can find from the veggie tray at the party. Hand it to the guy who won’t leave you alone and ask, “Hey, did you lose this?”

While not one of our more elegant holiday sweaters, this affectionate bigfoot has a winning smile and an inviting sprig of mistletoe, offering up some sloppy smooches to celebrate the holiday. That’s fine until some drunken fool with egg-nog goggles tries to plant one on that furry mug. Then, you might have to do something abominable. Mr. Yeti is all yours in our brand new Yeti Sweater.

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