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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility information for people with visual impairments

As part of our ongoing commitment to help people make the world a more fun place to be—including those with disabilities—Tipsy Elves is dedicated to improving accessibility for people with visual impairments in the following ways.

Tipsy Elves is for everyone
Our mission has remained steadfast in creating outrageous clothing that transforms the moments that matter into experiences to remember forever and for everyone, not just the few. As part of that effort, we are focused on equalizing our user experience across all abilities. We actively seek out user feedback and industry expertise to constantly improve.

What we’ve accomplished
Our lead designers and agency partners collaborated on brand style guides that stipulate enough color contrast between text and background (in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 published in 2018 under the American with Disabilities Act). This influenced our decisions in creating a design style guide that determined compliant color schemes throughout every touch point of our rebrand. We have also recently released improvements in scripts for the messaging recorded for screen readers. Changes include more contextual information for the user.

Website accessibility
We constantly strive to improve our website’s functionality and content, and we update our site regularly to make it as accessible as possible. We recommend using the most up-to-date version possible of any assistive technology and web browser products, either the current major release or the prior release. This will help ensure that we can deliver dynamic, full-featured web content that is as compatible as possible with the latest assistive technology. We recommend using the most up to date version of Chrome.
Website users can control the text size of each page with their internet browser by changing the font size in your browser settings.

Chrome: Click on the chrome tab, select Preferences from the drop-down menu, then scroll down to Appearance, and choose Font Size.

Keyboard shortcuts for changing font size:

(command key) + (+ key) to increase font size
(command key) + (- key) to decrease font size

(CRTL key) + (+ key) to increase font size
(CRTL key) + (- key) to decrease font size

"Skip to content" links will take users past repetitive navigation elements and directly to the main content on the page.

Auxiliary aids and services

Telephone assistance
People with visual impairments may contact Customer Service specialists by calling 1-877-578-0702. Our representatives are trained in appropriate techniques for reading documents to persons with visual impairments as well as how to find, navigate to, and read information on our website. Customer Service assistance is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm CT.

People and Communication lies at the core of our Tipsy Elves' values. We care deeply about our customers and want to listen, share and learn from one another with honest and respectful communication. We honor each other’s ideas and solutions and live by the golden rule. That's why we want to know your thoughts regarding our efforts to be more inclusive and accessible for all. Is there something you'd like us to consider or could use some improvement? We see accessibility as a continuous improvement effort to serve our diverse Tipsy Elves communities, so please reach out about whatever is on your mind at [email protected]

Are you using a screen reader and are having problems using this website? Please call 1-877-578-0702 or contact [email protected] for any questions about out accessibility resources.