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What to Wear to an Office Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?


What to Wear to an Office Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

What you wear around the house is up to you. It could be just a t-shirt and some holiday leggings, Xmas pajamas, or even a giant Fair Isle jumpsuit. But you need to put some effort into selecting your outfit for an office ugly Christmas sweater party. That’s because the gossip that is launched at the company holiday party will live on for months or years to come.

What will your coworkers say about you? Will you win the ugly sweater contest? Will the design get you in trouble with HR or your boss? How might your choice of apparel impact your ability to have a blast at the party? These are legitimate questions and deserve some thought. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the ideal ugly sweater for the office Christmas party depending on how you want people to see you.

The Life of the Party

If you want to be the center of attention, with the glowing Christmas spotlight aimed firmly at your chest, then an interactive sweater is a must-have. You haven’t seen ugly until you’ve seen a cornhole game worked into a tacky sweater concept. And don’t forget the “Choose your own nativity” sweater with its embroidered, Velcro-backed characters from Santa to the angel Gabriel and props including a manger and a beer bong. No one will be able to keep their hands off you.

The Obsessive

Let’s face it. If everyone knows you as the “weird cat person” who has framed photos of your furry friends decorating your cubicle, you don’t want to disappoint them with your holiday gear. You should feature some Christmas kitties on your ugly sweater. This will surprise no one and delight everyone. Except the Lazer Cat Eyes design. That one is going to freak people out (and you’ll love every minute!)

The Trend Lover

Maybe you’re a social butterfly who is always up on the latest fads. You will be naturally drawn to ugly sweaters that showcase characters that everyone knows and loves. From “Where’s Waldo” to a creepy naked Troll doll, this kind of pop fashion will be your strong suit. You could also pick a hideous sweater design from a recent holiday film from “The Office Christmas Party” to “The Night Before”. Everyone who has seen the movies (or even the trailers) will instantly recognize them, and you’ll have a ready-made set of topics to talk about.

The Rule Breaker

Perhaps it’s not really a party for you unless there’s a risk of getting in trouble afterward. If workplace romances are frowned upon, you could choose the “Single and Ready to Jingle” sweater. Sporting the sweet infant Jesus in a baby carrier is another way to toe the line of good taste without quite crossing it. And any of our raunchy reindeer tops will be sure to create a stir and even a scandal.

Of course, the most important consideration when choosing what to wear to an office ugly Christmas sweater party is finding a top that makes you feel jolly deep down inside. We know there’s a perfect design for you in our collection. So, suit up and show those folks at work what makes you go ho, ho, ho.

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