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Couples ugly christmas sweaters

Matching Christmas sweaters welcome you into any holiday occasion as the couple or family that isn't afraid to boast their tribe mentality. Proudly boast that you're the most comfortable, warmest couple at the party in our long-sleeved couples Christmas sweaters - the comfortable, crew neck fit will have you relaxed even before a few libations. Dare we say they help hangovers? Matching ugly Christmas sweaters are the best way to arrive together, and stay together. When you've got matching Christmas sweaters, she won't be asking for your sweater - she's already got hers!
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Men's Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Matching Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are you looking for a way to be twice as tacky at your next holiday party? His and hers outfits do the trick every time. Check out our matching ugly Christmas sweaters so you and your sweetie can be made like a twin pop and look exactly the same! The eye rolling among other party goers will be epic. Tipsy Elves believes in equal opportunity ugly, so you'll find virtually all of our ugly Xmas sweaters available for both men and women. Here are a few that work particularly well for couples.

We don't even know how the T-Rex thing got started. It's totally random. That's what makes it so perfect. Ugly holiday sweaters don't have to make sense. People will be scratching their heads, wondering what in tarnation a dinosaur is doing in a Santa hat. If you figure it out, let us know. We were a little tipsier than usual that night. The men's version of the sweater is pretty standard, but you'll love the cutouts on the women's sweater. Guys, you can creep up behind your girlfriend and pretend to tear the shoulders out of her sweater with your short arms and T-rex claws. Don't forget the sound effects to top off these matching ugly Christmas sweaters!

Our Ugly Christmas Tree cute ugly Christmas sweater is both awkward and hideous with its eye-catching tinsel and bold colors. With a generous number of pom-poms on the front, you'd even satisfy the requirements of the demented Chotchkie's manager from the Office Space movie. You're wearing more than the minimum 15 pieces of "flair".

Did you know that suspenders are unisex? It's true. When they are decorative and don't actually do anything to hold your pants up, suspenders work equally well on men and women when featured on matching ugly Christmas sweaters. Playfully snap each other's fake suspenders throughout the night to make other couples gag at how much in love you are (with each other's Ugly Christmas Tree Sweaters w/ Suspenders that is).

Our matching ugly Santa Sweaters let you play Mr. and Mrs. Claus at your next holiday party. Accentuate this men's ugly Christmas sweater with a carefully placed pillow to add a believable paunch. Make the lady's version a little uglier by playing up the trashy angle with oversized earrings and torn fishnets. Girls, you can even get territorial with your date. Make it clear that no one other than you is permitted to sit on Santa's lap this year.

Are you always wondering what to get your girlfriend or boyfriend for the holidays? Your significant other will realize how much you really do care when you suggest wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters to an event. It's as meaningful as jewelry or a flat screen TV, and a lot less expensive. Make a tradition out of buying each other novelty Christmas sweaters each year you are together.

Just wearing the same sweater as your significant other isn't enough. You should also make sure the rest of your outfit is the same as well. That means wearing the same color of pants and shoes. Add his and hers Santa hats or Christmas socks for more matchy-matchy merriness to go on top of the matching ugly Christmas sweaters.

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