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Women's Meowy Catmus Jumpsuit

women's christmas cat jumpsuit

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  • women's christmas cat jumpsuit
  • women's christmas cat jumpsuit
  • women's christmas cat jumpsuit
  • women's christmas cat jumpsuit

Women's Meowy Catmus Jumpsuit

Premium Quality
-Please note, all of our jumpsuits are unisex and men's and women's jumpsuits have the exact same sizing.
-Made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
-Features two side pockets with zippers on the hip bones.
-Features two zippers with pullers on the main vertical zipper that zips to the top of the skull.
-Wash cold and tumble dry low to reduce shrinkage. Dry-cleaning is also acceptable.
It’s a very Meowy Christmas and a happy New Year to you with this epic Feline Navidad outfit. Our Christmas cat jumpsuit won’t give you the power to fall three stories and land on your feet. But it will give you a strange craving for catnip and a fascination with small, furry objects. Also, you’ll get in trouble for obsessively batting at the tinsel on the tree. But it’s all worth it to be dressed up in this fabulously festive cat onesie.

Check out all those adorable furry faces, just waiting to see what Santa is going to bring them this year. The truth is, St. Nick doesn’t like cats. He’s more of a reindeer person. But don’t let that stop you from adopting the thousands of felines on this jumpsuit. They need a good home, and they each come with their own cute Santa hat. How can you resist their purring?

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