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Christmas PJ's

Wrap up warm by the fire this winter in Christmas PJs, that make the snowy world outside fade away. These pajamas pair well with hot cocoa, streaming video, and napping. We highly recommend picking up two sets so you can wash one while you wear the other. They're that addictive. You've been warned!
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Women's Fair Isle Pajama Set SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Fair Isle Pajama Set
Santa Baeby Pajamas SOLD OUT Quick View
Santa Baeby Pajamas
Candy Cane Pajamas SOLD OUT Quick View
Candy Cane Pajamas
Snowflake Pajamas SOLD OUT Quick View
Snowflake Pajamas
Men's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit Men's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit SOLD OUT Quick View
Men's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit
$78.95 $34.95
Men's Blue Reindeer Jumpsuit Men's Blue Reindeer Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's Blue Reindeer Jumpsuit
$99.95 $89.95
Men's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Men's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's Lumberjack Jumpsuit
$78.95 $54.95
Men's Meowy Catmus Jumpsuit Men's Meowy Catmus Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's Meowy Catmus Jumpsuit
$78.95 $59.95
Men's Santa Jumpsuit Men's Santa Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's Santa Jumpsuit
$89.95 $69.95
Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit
$78.95 $34.95
Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit
$78.95 $54.95
Women's Santa Jumpsuit Women's Santa Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Santa Jumpsuit
$89.95 $69.95
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Christmas PJ's

It's time to get those Christmas PJs on, because this Yuletide season is going to one heck of a wild ride. The right sleepwear can help you rest more easily at night and ease the discomfort of a cranky morning after too much rum at a holiday party. They're perfect for sleepovers, nights in front of the television crying at old black & white movies, or just for spending a lazy day at home getting your last minute shopping done online. Best of all, you'll look as adorable as an elf when you sit down to open gifts on Christmas morning. Luckily you'll have pajamas to wear on Christmas!

How to style your PJs for maximum comfort: Before you hop in the bathtub for a nice evening soak, toss your pajamas in the dryer. They'll be toasty warm when it's time to get out. Decide if layering is right for you. A close-fitting camisole or tank top can add warmth (and a little support for the girls) and fits well under our modern, slimming pajama tops. Pair these Christmas PJs with Tipsy Elves Christmas socks and some of our matching underwear. There's no reason you can't be a soft and comfortable symbol of the holiday season from top to toes.

On a particularly chilly winter night, you might need some outerwear for that time period after you get home and before you crawl deep under the covers. Our holiday onesies fit the bill for covering your PJs--they even have a built-in hoodie to keep your noggin warm. Plus, you can go out to the store for more hot cocoa and no one will judge you for wearing your pajamas out of the house. They will simply admire your taste in Christmas themed joggers for Women!

Not sure how to have the maximum amount of fun in your Women's Christmas PJs? Here are a few ideas that may help. Try throwing an ugly pajama party instead of an ugly holiday sweater party. Things will probably get a lot more interesting--especially once the eggnog starts flowing. There's just something about hanging out in joggers for Christmas parties that makes people let their hair down. If you want a phenomenal girl's night in, you can throw an old fashioned slumber party and invite your BFFs over for a night of giggling, toenail painting, and general naughty fun. The holiday season is a great time to reminisce about days gone by and to swap stories about boyfriends who definitely won't be invited to meet the parents at Christmas dinner.

If you've got a hankering to do something different with your holiday family photos this season, you could even have the whole clan dress up in their Christmas PJs for the occasion. Of course, your significant other can choose from our Men's Christmas joggers instead of the legging style PJs for women. And your little pet dog can wear one of our new doggie sweater designs. It would be super cute! Wherever you decide to wear our Tipsy Elves pajamas, we know you'll feel warm all winter by keeping the spirit of ugly Christmas apparel alive and well. So shop now for our Christmas PJs today.