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Mardi gras outfits for men


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Men's OMG Becky Tee
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Men's Pardi Gras Tee
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Men's Pardi Gras Tee
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Men's Mardi Gras Costumes & Attire

Mardi Gras costumes for men need to be made of stern stuff. Because this isn't some silly little beginner level holiday that only lasts for a day or a weekend. This festival is a full two weeks long and you need gear that will stand up to all the carousing that's going to happen. Besides your portable beer pong table and a half a kilo of beads, here's what you'll want to pack in your suitcase when you head to NOLA for the event.

The "Let's get CRAY" Mardi Gras shirt is first up. Because the holiday isn't called "Fat Tuesday" for nothing. You may be tempted to fill up on liquid calories, but that habit won't last long in the face of this much authentic Cajun food. Which means you will also need to bring some wet wipes along. Unless you have a long-suffering girlfriend who will carry those in her purse for you, that means investing in a fanny pack. Probably a good idea anyway since it gives you a place to store the leftover crawdaddies for a midnight snack.

What is it about beads that just makes guys go nuts? They're just so round...and marbles but on a string! That's why we know you'll dig our "I like big beads and I cannot lie" shirt. It's one of our favorite Mardi Gras costumes for men because it instantly gives people an earworm (you know, getting a song stuck in your head that you can't get rid of!) You should also buy your significant other a pair of our Mardi Gras leggings because 'When Baby got Beads', there's just nothing better in the world. Wear a mask, because the sight of all those shiny baubles is going to make you blush with desire...

If you're typically the shy, laid-back dude, then carnival time is perfect for unleashing your inner "pardi" animal in our white Pardi Gras tee. Paint your face with green and gold. Put on your best purple pants. Hell, bring out the feather boa and the Zulu coconuts while you're at it. Someone has got to let you on their float if you look this epic. Be prepared for the festival of a lifetime and remember: What happens on Canal or Royal doesn't stay there! For one thing, pics of you wearing one of our Mardi Gras costumes for men will definitely break the internet at the end of a long night of revelry.

Perhaps you're tired of hearing everyone else's awesome stories and want to make sure they aren't just making things up. After all, with everyone wandering around and getting separated from their group, it's easy to miss out on some pretty hilarious antics. Keep your friends honest with our "Beads or it didn't happen" tee. The fleur-de-lis on the front is like a French Quarter version of cross your heart and hope to die, stew in Jambalaya. Or however they say it down on Bourbon Street. Get your Mardi Gras costumes right now, and start planning this year's epic NOLA adventure!

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