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Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It's not like you were going to make the "Nice List" anyways, so shop hilarious men's ugly Christmas sweaters engineered to make your holiday season unforgettably fun! Our game-changing Christmas sweater designs will have your friends and family snickering all throughout the night. Complete with premium materials and a comfortable fit, our ugly Christmas sweaters for men will give the gift of laughter this holiday season - the gift that keeps on giving! Choose from hundreds of designs to find your perfect ugly sweater. No matter which ugly Christmas sweater you choose, you'll be the hit of the holidays!
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Men's Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are you one of those guys who is always looking for a chance to celebrate a special occasion--but you don't want to have to put on a suit and tie to do it? National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 12 was invented with you in mind. With our men's ugly Christmas sweaters, you can get your party on while staying warm and snug. Best of all, your wife or girlfriend won't give you a hard time about what you're wearing. She'll smile and pronounce, "You look terrible!" and it will sound completely different than the way she usually says it. Here are some of our favorite ugly holiday sweaters for guys.

Do you know how to imitate the mating call of the male caribou? You might want to brush up on that skill so you can wear the randy Reindeer Climax ugly Christmas sweater for men with authority. Rumor has it that the sound is something between an angry hippo and a subway screeching to a halt. Give it your best shot. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Are you looking for an ugly Christmas sweater you can actually wear to the holiday dinner table and not just an ugly sweater party? The Bells Are Ringing Sweater is just the tacky ticket. The holly wreath on the front is symbolic of the giant hole in your stomach that only mincemeat pie can fill. You'll also be hearing the bells on Christmas day with the choker on this sweater. Put on some faded jeans and push up your sleeves for a casual, "I dress like this everyday" look. Or put a classic twist on a fresh trend by investing in one of our Christmas cardigans.

On our Runaway Sleigh men's ugly Christmas sweater, you can see what it looks like when Santa lets the Tipsy Elves drive. They've scared the manure out of the reindeer, who are bolting in a panic. That's not the moon in the background, by the way. It's a helicopter searchlight. The authorities are trying to get the sleigh to pull over so they can issue a citation for SWI (sleighing while intoxicated). It's amazing that the copter was able to pursue the sleigh all the way to the North Pole with that tiny fuel tank. Perhaps it's a Christmas miracle!

If you can beg National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day off work to spend it with your buddies, more power to you. If not, you could always wear your hideous Christmas sweaters for sale to work and see if you get sent home for breaking the dress code. Either way, you're getting to express the joy of the season with hilarious style by rocking your favorite Tipsy Elves men's and women's ugly Christmas sweater offerings.