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Pizza t shirts

Did someone order pizza t shirts? No, but they are about to. Just like your favorite pizzeria, we aim to deliver complete satisfaction with our humorous, patriotic, and pizza-themed tees. Of course, it will take more than 20 minutes to be delivered. But we can guarantee, the styles will be piping hot when they arrive! Grab your slice now!
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Men's Pizza Party Tee
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Pizza T Shirts

What hits your eye like a big pizza pie? Our apparel. These pizza t shirts center in on what's really important to the everyday American: the all-important choice between pepperoni and sausage. To the undiscerning bystander, there may seem to be little difference. It's all just spicy mystery meat. But to the pizza clothing connoisseur, it's a vital question. We've clearly voted for pepperoni with our In Crust We Trust and Pizza Party shirts. But we embrace everyone--even the anchovy crowd--with our touchable, comfortable tees and tanks.

Let's start with our amazing American flag pizza. Somehow, it manages to be more enticing and more American than apple pie. It's probably the MSG in the screen printing dye. The red, white, and blue pattern on the pizza t shirt is a great match for our patriotic leggings, pants, and shorts this season. You can also grab a USA fanny pack for your red pepper and parmesan packets along with a bald eagle drink holder for your soda. That way, you will be ready for whatever pizza eating adventure awaits.

However you slice it, our Pizza Party tee is sure to be a crowd pleaser. There's no need to strew the roadways with cardboard signs when you can be a walking, talking advertisement for the party of your choice. Be prepared to receive some high fives (but no campaign donations) when you wear one of our pizza t shirts. If you want to go full meta, wear the t-shirt while enjoying a hot, sizzling slice of pizza. You may not vote your conscience this election cycle, but you can certainly try eating it.

Our pizza t shirts are designed for men and women, but we've also got pizza tanks just for the ladies. We know you'll enjoy our In Crust We Trust design. The soothing, muted colors keep the mood super chill. Curl up in this relaxing tank when you know it's going to be a couch day. Pair this top with our Bill of Tights or Liberty Leggings to add patriotic whimsy without ruining your lounge-ready status.

It's hard to trust when you've been betrayed by fashion in the past. But the easy style of this tank reminds everyone that there are some things in life you really can count on to be there for you when the road gets rough. And one of those things is pizza, which you can display with this a true love pizza shirt. The rest of the things are the other slices of pizza not pictured on this tank top because you already ate them.

Are you looking for pizza t shirts that bring everyone together in peace and harmony? You don't need to get into a debate about Chicago style versus New York style, just choose Tipsy Elves style. It's the one thing we can all agree on. Our epically tasty pizza shirts are designed to bring fashion full circle and right back to the basics. Simply put, you can't beat a classic, screen printed tee with jeans, shorts, swants, and sneaks. These tops will be the number one topping in your wardrobe for certain.

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