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Sausage party movie


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Sausage Party Movie Clothing

Are you ready for the hot dog days of summer? Roast in style with our officially licensed Sausage Party apparel. Whether you are warming your buns in the sun on the beach or flipping burgers on the grill at the lake house, these Sausage Party clothes are sure to put a big, wiener eating grin on your face.

Sometimes, what you don't know can be pretty messed up. For example, poor supermarket foods have no clue that a savage fate awaits them once they arrive in the kitchen. It may feel nice to be the "chosen one" among all the items on the grocery aisle. But it doesn't take long to realize that being invited home for dinner is a very literal affair. Just imagine how that poor bratwurst feels as the flames begin licking through the grill and searing its tender flesh. It may be a dreadful fate, but what a delicious way to go! Now, you can look good enough to eat with Sausage Party clothes that will make you a backyard BBQ hit all season long. Don't forget to take your dog swimming in our Sausage Party swim trunks!

Isn't it nice that you get to anthropomorphize your food and wear it too with our Sausage Party shirts and Men's short shorts? We promise that every piece of clothing you purchase from our collection feels extra special to be selected from all the other apparel in the warehouse. These poor shirts and shorts don't know that you will be getting mustard stains all over their nice soft finish. By the time they see the gaping maw of your washing machine, it will be too late. But don't feel too sorry for these wardrobe items. In between cycles in the washer and dryer, they get to be the life of the party and the center of attention! Shop well, friends!

What designs are on the menu today? The image of Frank fleeing from a grill that is belching flames is a good place to start. Between the spatula and the meat fork, we think he's pretty much done. But this plucky hero may surprise us all and survive to his true expiration date. Less harrowing Sausage Party shirts feature handsome hot dogs nestled romantically in the buns of true love--with a gratuitous ketchup shot or two thrown in for good measure. Parents will shield the eyes of their children to prevent them from seeing this explicit depiction of comingling ingredients. But don't make their lives easy! We have leisure suits with the drunk dogs all over them!

For your psycho alter ego, there's also a perfect pair of blue shorts with stabbing knives and traumatized mystery meat on display. Of course, no collection would be complete without a fanny pack with an attached beverage koozie. With all that quirky Sausage Party clothing going on, aren't you a fancy dog? Don't forget to eat and drink responsibly! Also, if you need help spreading that message, check out our Dare shirts.

And make sure to check out Sausage Partywhen it hits theaters on August 12th!

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