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Ski sweaters

Don't let your taste in winter wear go downhill. Get the kind of apparel that sets you apart from all the wannabes at the ski lodge. From skiers catching big air to crazy quilted designs, our ski sweaters are the black diamond slopes of winter fashion. Everyone else's sweaters will seem subpar as you swoop past in one of these beauties.
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Men's Wolfgang Sweater Men's Wolfgang Sweater Quick Add
$64.95 $39.95
Men's Wolfgang Sweater
Men's Blue Reindeer Fleece Men's Blue Reindeer Fleece SOLD OUT Quick Add
$39.95 $15.95
Men's Blue Reindeer Fleece
Men's Tricks Mcgee Sweater Men's Tricks Mcgee Sweater SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Tricks Mcgee Sweater
Women's American Flag Sweater Women's American Flag Sweater SOLD OUT Quick Add
$59.95 $4.95
Women's American Flag Sweater
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Ski Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters just aren't enough to get you through the winter season. You need some ugly women's ski sweaters that you can wear as long as there's a nip in the air and snow on the ground because ski sweaters are festive too. Our Tipsy Elves team has been working hard to put together this line of hideous knitted ski sweater apparel for all your winter sporting needs. Whether you are hoping to snowboard your way into extreme sports history or just have some fun on the novice slopes, we've got the eye-catching and garish outerwear that will attract the lens of every cellphone camera in a quarter mile radius. Be prepared to end up on YouTube if you pull off a particularly gripping stunt--or a spectacular wipeout in one of our ski sweaters. There's just something photogenic about these bright neon colors and bold designs because we designed our ski sweaters to be a cut above the rest!

What's your favorite decade? If you answered "The 80s", you are in luck. Because we've taken a whole dump truck load of inspiration from that incredible era and poured it into our frosty designs. If you lived through the eighties the first time around, you'll feel like a kid again when you slip into one of our acrylic knit tops. The traditional Fair Isle patterns are featured here in vivid neon to deliver a surprise for the eyes landing on the neon themed ski sweater. From hot pink snowflakes to a putrid rainbow of multi-colored bands, there are designs here to capture the hearts of guys and gals. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the 1980s the first time around, here's your opportunity to get your groove on with some truly retro fashion and rock a lightweight ski jacket.

What accessories should you wear with these retro ski sweaters for men at an eighties themed party? Scrunchies, snap bracelets, moon boots, and parachute pants are just the start. Fingerless gloves, leg warmers, and chunky plastic jewelry are all fantastic old-time accessories for the ladies. Guys can go with a stretchy headband, a calculator watch, and aviator sunglasses. Wigs are a good idea regardless of gender if you don't want to permanently damage your own mane with a hairspray overdose.

Ski-themed sweater designs are also a big part of our product line this year. After all, we like the meta aspect of a skier wearing a skier. From a single brave, bright green freestyler leaping high over an endless blue crevasse to a horde of caffeine-infused athletes peppering a white background with an unreasonable number of ski lodges, you'll find great sports-inspired apparel in our line. Don't try any of the tricks depicted on these sweaters at home unless you're a real pro. We Tipsy Elves speak from personal experience. A pulled groin muscle is no fun.

While these skier-bedecked sweaters are great for actual ski vacations, they also make good all-winter wear in any number of settings, just like our ski suits. Try wearing one at your next tailgate party to help you strike up a conversation with other attendees about a topic other than football. Or, choose one of our ugly ski sweaters as your New Years' Eve apparel for a party that involves a lot of ice in your drink and a nip in the air.

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