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Funny thanksgiving shirts


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Funny Thanksgiving Shirts

Are you more about the funny bone than the wishbone when it comes to turkey time? You won't have a bone to pick with our funny Thanksgiving shirts. In fact, this may well be your newest favorite side dish to feature at the feast. Our charming Thanksgiving shirts bring out the best in everyone at the table. So don't be surprised if you get offered an extra serving of creamy mashed potatoes by people who are enamored with these funny Thanksgiving tee shirts. Here's a peek at some of our favorite Thanksgiving T shirts. Funny, ironic, and a bit silly, there's something for everyone in this collection.

First up, "Here to Get Basted". If you prefer a mug of bone broth to a slice of turkey breast, these funny Thanksgiving shirts are perfect for you. Of course, you don't want to drink that stuff on an empty stomach. It needs to be soaked up with some fresh dinner rolls and a bunch of pie. These adult Thanksgiving tee shirts also acknowledge the fact that family dinners are often only tolerable because of what's in your glass--not just what's on your plate.

Next up, we've got Thanksgiving tee shirts for women who know that it doesn't take much to be truly happy in life. You just need someone to "Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty". That's what you want this fall. Not diamonds and rubies or a new car. Just someone to feed you like a baby bird and preen your feathers a bit. These funny Thanksgiving tee shirts look amazing with our gold leggings. So don't miss the opportunity to add shiny touches to our pretty Thanksgiving tee shirts for girls.

We've also got funny Thanksgiving T shirts for guys who know which meat is the best. You can declare yourself a leg man with our "Today Is Leg Day" Thanksgiving tee shirts. The black and brown design goes with your autumn wardrobe--even your old-fashioned corduroy jacket with the ironic elbow patches. From khakis to black jeans, you'll make these funny Thanksgiving shirts look as hot as the burnt marshmallow topping on the sweet potato casserole.

The "Never Settle" design is one of our most hilarious Thanksgiving T shirts. Funny how the story of this historic holiday is based on wishful thinking and flavored with a strong dose of colonialism. We pull no punches with this puritanical reminder that we all deserve better than dry turkey and store bought pie. Like all our funny Thanksgiving T shirts and tanks, this top is definitely tongue in cheek. And that's where you'll find that last piece of pie! Speaking of which, "Pie Till I Die" is yet another great design in our lineup of funny Thanksgiving tee shirts. Because at the end of the day, if you have really great pumpkin pie you can die happy. Get funny Thanksgiving shirts that make your holiday even more amazing by making your outsides look as good as your insides are about to feel.

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