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Hanukkah sweaters

Hold on to your yarmulke, because you are about to be blown away by our intense collection of Hanukkah sweaters. Celebrate the season of light with dreidels, rabbis, challah, menorahs, llamas, and all the other traditional symbols of this festive Hanukkah season. Wait, did we say llamas? Yes indeed. May your llamakkah be blessed.
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Hanukkah Sweaters

What's even better than ugly Christmas sweaters? Ugly Hanukkah sweaters! First, you get to jump on board with the tacky holiday sweater trend. Second, you get to appear more interesting at parties by explaining the symbols and words on your men's Hanukkah clothing to gentiles. For example, you can fascinate attendees with the names of all the letters on the dreidel and what they mean. Or, you can explain that Challah doesn't mean "hands up!" in Yiddish. And yes, a lot of people are confused about how many candles are on a menorah. Also, a Star of David and a pentagram aren't the same thing. Finally, you can delight partygoers by confirming that you are indeed wearing same Fair Isle sweater design sported by Seth Rogen in "The Night Before." It's a Tipsy Elves exclusive!

If educating the uninformed masses sounds like too much trouble, you can also simply wear clothing for Hanukkah without any explanation. After all, being super-cool is always in style. Here are some ways to make your Festival of Lights gear even more awesome:

Guys, try pushing the sleeves up just a bit. These sweaters look awesome layered over a white, gold, or blue pin-striped button down. It's cool to shoot your cuffs a little to let the contrasting design of your shirtsleeves show. It's also a good way to show off your new smart-watch. Shirttails hanging out in the back un-tucked add another layer of relaxation to your overall look. Pair these somberly hued Hanukkah ugly sweaters with jeans, black slacks, white chinos, or our dreidel swants depending on the occasion. They also look pretty respectable (if boring) with khaki trousers.

Ladies, this Hanukkah clothing for ladies are just begging to be glammed up. Dreidel earrings and a Star of David or menorah pendant would be a good start. But we also think a tight pair of jeans or a kicky pleated skirt is in order. Wear your hair down to draw attention to the design on your sweater, or pull it back to show off clavicles and cheekbones. For an "around campus" look, you can buy your Hanukkah sweater a size larger than normal and pair it with our dreidel leggings and some blue sneakers.

Where can you wear our irreverent Hanukkah sweaters? They're definitely a good choice for office holiday events, ugly sweater parties, family visits, or shopping adventures. The lightweight acrylic knit is equally at home in a ski lodge setting or at a tailgate party. Since most people aren't sure when Hanukkah starts or ends each year anyway, you can probably wear these tops from November all the way through January with no one questioning whether it's the right time to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

The modern fit of these Hanukkah sweaters makes them a good match for lots of different items in your closet. We know they'll become a wintertime staple for you. Be sure to wish everyone a happy Hanukkah (or Happy Llamakkah) from the Tipsy Elves. We wish you all a bright and merry holiday season!

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